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“No, half of your head is covered in bandages, and you have a sharp and threatening aura.

Youre going to scare the customers.” Lin Yuelan firmly refused.

Jiang Zhennan said, “I can take off the bandage.” He moved to remove the bandage, “That way, I wont look scary anymore!”

“No!” Lin yuelan looked at his movements and immediately stopped him sternly, “Once you take off the bandage, youll waste several days of my hard work.

Youll cancel out all of my efforts! The scar will come back.”

Jiang Zhennan said, “so what if it comes back I have had that ugly scar for 12 years anyway.”

Lin Yuelan rolled her eyes at him.

A dignified and cold general was now like a child wrangling with her.

It was really unquestionable.

Lin Yuelan turned to Guo Bing and the others, who were dumbfounded, and said, “Xiao Guo, help me persuade your boss.

His scar is finally healing.

Dont let him ruin it.” She was close to calling him a child.

However, she still wanted to preserve his dignity.

She didnt want to belittle him in front of his subordinates.

Guo Bing and the others were stunned to see their boss… unusual side.

They had been with the boss for a few years.

How could they not know that the bosss temper was sometimes like a childs They couldnt believe it.

In their eyes, their boss was a dignified, cold, iron-blooded, and selfless general.

But now, he was like a child who was not given his candy.

But… they found their boss to be quite cute at this moment.

Hearing Lin Yuelans request, Guo Bing immediately looked at Lin Yuelan and said with a smile, “Miss Lin, just let the boss go with you!” If the boss went, all of them could go.

Otherwise, only little twelve could go with Miss Lin.

Lin Yuelan rolled her eyes again and said to Guo Bing, “hey, little Guo, I asked you to persuade your boss, not me.”

Guo Bing immediately tried to please her.

“Miss Lin, look at how pitiful our boss is.

Do you really have the heart to leave him and go to town alone”

The boss looked at Lin Yuelan with his single hopeful eye.

There was a look of grievance and innocence.

Oh, thats right.

He only had one eye because his other eye was bandaged.

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Lin Yuelan glanced at Jiang Zhennan and nodded.”Hes indeed quite pitiful.

However,” her tone changed, “Im not going to waste all my effort because of pity!”

When Jiang Zhennan heard the first half of Lin Yuelans sentence, his eye was wide with hope.

But when he heard the second half of her sentence, his eye immediately dimmed.

His subordinates looked at their leader and gritted their teeth to stop themselves from laughing out loud.

Their boss was… really too cute!

Guo Bing held back his smile and continued to persuade Lin Yuelan, “Miss Lin, you dont want Boss to go to town because you were worried that the bandage on his head would scare the child, right”

Lin Yuelan didnt say anything.

Not only would it scare the child, but anyone who saw it would be shocked and frightened.

Who would come to her shop then

“Since thats the case, miss Lin, why dont we think of a way to let Boss go to town without scaring anyone” Guo Bing said.

Lin Yuelan said, “Alright, I know what you mean.” All of them wanted to go with her.

They eventually gave Jiang Zhennan a hat with a black veil.

This only gave Jiang Zhennan a sense of mystery.

At least, it wouldnt scare the customers away.

They finally had the opportunity to visit this small town.

Guo Bing gave Jiang Zhennan a smug look.


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