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Manager Li said to the crowd, “The store is small, and we have a lot of guests.

For the sake of safety, only 30 people can enter the store at a time.

Every person who enters must take the bamboo plate with the number on them.

When you leave, you will put the plate back on the table.

The next person can then take the bamboo plate and enter the shop!”

One had to take turns entering the shop

Many people were dissatisfied with this policy.

There were so many people.

When would it be their turn After all, when the crowd saw the beautiful women and men who walked out of the shop in their uniforms, the crowd wanted to enter the shop to take a look.

Therefore, someone shouted in dissatisfaction, “manager Li, this is too much.”

In the face of the publics doubts and dissatisfaction, Li Huaisheng smiled and explained, “everyone, please understand! The shop is small, and for the sake of safety, we are forced to do this!”

Some people could understand.

After all, the crowd was large.

If everyone rushed in at the same time, no one could predict what would happen.

There would be many accidents.

Of course, there were some who were there to cause trouble, such as Li Huaishengs old rival, Zhang Wu.

Zhang Wu stood up and said with some disdain, “Hmph, Li Huaisheng, I think youre just bluffing.

I know many of your old stock hasnt been sold.

Youre doing all these tricks to deceive us into buying your old stock, right”

In fact, he was also telling everyone that the business of Jinyun Pavilion had been robbed by Xiangyun Pavilion.

Jinyun Pavilion would only have old stock.

Even if the shop had a new look, the stock inside would be outdated.

Many people knew that Zhang Wu had cut off Jinyun Pavilions import channel, and the skilled sewing masters and embroiderers had also been poached away by Xiangyun Pavilion.

So, where would Jinyun Pavilion get new goods and clothes

Zhang Wu also expressed that Li Huaisheng was not his match in the past, so even with the name change, he would still be no match for Zhang Wu.

However, Zhang Wu was definitely blind.

Because did he not see Shi Dejiu and Zhou Yiming Their new clothes were clearly designed by Jin… Linyue Pavilion.

In the face of Zhang Wus insult and contempt, Li Huaisheng lightly retorted, “Oh, since shopkeeper Zhang said so, why dont you come into my shop and have a look” As he spoke, he turned to Xiao Li and said, “Xiao Li, give manager Zhang a bamboo plate!”

Xiao Li immediately replied, “yes, manager!”

Then, Xiao Li took out a bamboo plate with the word “one” written on it and handed it to shopkeeper Zhang.

With a very appropriate smile on his face, he said, “shopkeeper Zhang, welcome! Youre our first customer, so you can get a 30% discount on all our products!”

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As soon as he said this, the surrounding onlookers immediately burst into laughter.

Why would they let their competitor into their shop Were they overestimating themselves or underestimating their opponent

Zhang Wu did want to enter the shop to take a look, but he couldnt take the bamboo plate.

Therefore, after he snorted at Xiao Li, he flicked his sleeves and left.

Xiao Li pouted and thought,Hmph, youll regret it.

“Manager Li, you said that the first ten customers will get a 20% discount, right” Someone asked.

Li Huaisheng nodded and said, “yes.”

“Then, what about the 30 percent discount Xiao Li mentioned for the first customer”

“Of course, its still available.”

As soon as Li Huaisheng said this, many people immediately began to fight for the bamboo plate with the number 1.

However, to everyones surprise, the person who had snatched the plate was a man who was more beautiful than a woman.

Everyone looked at the mans face and was a little stunned.


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