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Who was this man He was so handsome, so why hadnt they seen him before

Guo Bing used his advantage as a soldier to snatch the bamboo plate from a group of people.

From the first time he saw the style of Shi Dejius and Zhou Yimings clothes, he liked them.

Therefore, he thought of going to the shop to take a look and see if he could pick a set that he liked.

There was another reason.

This was miss Lins first shop, so he wanted to be the first to enter.

Guo Bing snatched the first spot.

Little three, little six, and little twelve did not want to fall behind.

With their agile skills, they each snatched the first few plates in the crowd.


When Guo Bing and the others turned around and were about to step into the shop, these waiters immediately bent down and greeted them with a polite smile.

Not only were Guo Bing and the others surprised, but the other onlookers were also surprised and interested.

“Ive never seen any shop welcome their customers in this way!”

“Im the same.

For poor people like us, its already a miracle that we dont get laughed at.

Who would welcome us with a smile”

When Guo Bing entered and saw the decorations in the shop, he was really surprised.

“Wow, its so beautiful!”

Little three and the others were greatly amazed.

Little Three asked, “this place is really beautiful.

Brother Guo, did miss Lin design all these”

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Guo Bing didnt answer, but little twelve said, “yes, these were all designed by Miss Lin.”

As he spoke, he looked around at the customers who were slowly coming in.

He lowered his head and whispered to Little Three and the others, “when miss Lin first bought this shop, she promised that she would handle the shops decoration and clothing design!”

Lin Yuelan didnt intend to let anyone know that Linyue Pavilion was her shop, so little twelve and the others had to keep it a secret.

After listening to little twelves words, Guo Bing looked around and nodded.

“Im afraid that other than miss Lin, no one else can design such an amazing thing, right”

From the first time they met Lin Yuelan, they felt that she was very special and different from the rest.

Sure enough, she gave them surprises again and again.

“Wow, its so beautiful!” The customers who came in after them all exclaimed in surprise when they entered the shop.

There was a lamp on the ceiling wall of the shop.

The lamp was wrapped in transparent silk, and the light coming out of it was colorful and beautiful.

But what was even more amazing was that there were window showcases on the upper side of the shop.

There were clothes hanging in each showcase.

Womens clothes took up two-thirds of the total.

The various fresh and rare styles of clothes were carefully arranged and hung, looking beautiful, elegant, and noble.

There was a counter on the lower wall, and on the counter were new goods that were sorted by color.

Then, there were a lot of racks.

The racks were filled with ready clothes.

The customers could choose as they pleased.

“Wow, this dress is so beautiful.

I want to buy it.

Attendant, how much is it” A well-dressed rich young lady said.

“Miss, this dress is one tael of silver!” The attendant replied very conscientiously.


The high price made the self-proclaimed rich young lady let out a sound of disbelief.

“So expensive”

“Miss, every piece of clothing here is unique.

Youll be the only one in the world to wear this.

Miss, dont you want a one-in-a-kind dress” The waiter explained.

The young lady was moved by his words, but she still asked doubtfully, “Attendant, you said that its unique, but arent Master Zhou and the mayor wearing the same clothes”

The attendant immediately explained, “the style of clothes that Master Zhou and the town mayor are wearing is called the Tang suit.

Its a new style.

The characteristics of this style are that the collar and sleeves have no buttons.

It will be popular in the future.

But its completely different from this dress.”

The crowd standing outside the shop had their interest piqued when they heard the exclamations from the inside.

They wanted to rush in to see what was going on.

Jiang Zhennan was a grown man.

He was not interested in fashion.

As long as he had something to wear, he was fine.

However, hearing Guo Bing and the others continuous praises, he also wanted to go in and take a look.

However, the real reason he wanted to go in was he knew that the shop design and clothing design all came from Lin Yuelan.

Jiang Zhennan glanced at the calm and indifferent Lin Yuelan beside him.

He could only quietly stand beside Lin Yuelan.

He dropped her earlier, so she was now ignoring him.

Lin Yuelan caught a glimpse of Jiang Zhennans movements from the corner of her eyes.

Although his face was covered by a veil and her eyes couldnt see his expression, his hands clenched and then separated.

It was obvious that he was a little anxious and uneasy.

The corners of her mouth curled up, and then her face turned cold.

She snorted and said to herself,If I dont teach you a lesson this time, youll end up throwing me down again! She was really infuriated.

‘But what is wrong with him anyway Since he has managed to catch me from falling, why would he throw me out again

Lin Yuelan was deep in thought when she suddenly heard someone call her, “Miss Lin!”


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