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Zhou Wencai had some suspicions about Jiang Zhennans identity.

Therefore, he did not want Liu Jiaying to offend such a Big Shot over such a small matter.

Jiang Zhennans head was covered by a veil.

He nodded and replied, “yes.”

Lin Yuelan rolled her eyes and looked up at the sky.

‘The first time might be an accident, but two times!

Of course, Lin Yuelan wasnt that petty.

She was just annoyed, so she wouldnt forgive Jiang Zhennan that easily.

Perhaps Lin Yuelan didnt even realize that she was like a little woman in love who was angry at her lover.

Of course, Jiang Zhennan did not notice this either.

Lin Yuelan said to Liu Jiaying, “YingEr, lets go.”

“Oh.” Liu Jiaying quietly followed Lin Yuelan.

After that, the three men followed Lin Yuelan in silence.

They seemed to have forgotten that they had broken in like thieves.

Liu Jiaying followed Lin Yuelan and secretly entered the store from the back door.

When she saw the beautiful and dazzling clothes, she almost shouted in excitement.

“YueEr, these clothes are really too beautiful.

I love it!” Liu Jiaying pulled on Lin Yuelans sleeve and said excitedly.

Lin Yuelan glanced at the designs of these clothes and didnt see anything suitable for Liu Jiaying.

She frowned slightly and said, “these clothes are beautiful, but they dont suit you.

Ill design a new set of clothes for you.”

Most of these clothes were for young ladies of marriageable age.

Therefore, none of them were suitable for Liu Jiaying.

Upon hearing this, not only Liu Jiaying but even Liu Qi and Zhou Wencai also stared at Lin Yuelan in astonishment.

Zhou Wencai looked at Lin Yuelan in disbelief and asked, “Miss Lin, do you mean that you designed all these clothes”

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Lin Yuelan nodded and said, “Yeah.

Is there a problem”

There was a big problem.

Who would have thought that all these beautiful clothes were made by a country girl

Zhou Wencai immediately shook his head and said, “No… No problem.” Then, he seemed to have thought of something and asked, “Then, whats the relationship between you and manager Li”

“Im in a cooperative relationship with him.” Lin Yuelan said indifferently.

“Some time ago, his business wasnt doing well, and he had a sick wife.

Manager Li is a good person, so I want to help him.

I came up with ideas and designs while hell be in charge of the operation.

Then well split the profit, 50-50.” But the truth was she was the owner.

Once again, Liu Qi and Zhou Wencais mouths were agape in shock.

Was Lin Yuelan even human She had done many miraculous things.

Apart from cooking, she was also involved in fashion design.

After Zhou Wencai had digested everything, he gave Lin Yuelan a thumbs-up.

“Miss Lin, you are amazing.”

She had a 30-70 split at Yuelai Inn, and now she had a 50-50 split with manager Li.

She was really good at business.

Lin Yuelan smiled and said,Thank you!”

At this moment, Liu Jiaying finally reacted.

And her reaction was…

“Oh my God, Yuelan, you designed all these clothes.

Theyre so beautiful and incredible!” Liu Jiaying shouted.

Therefore, everyone in the shop, whether it was the attendants or the customers, looked at Lin Yuelan in surprise.

Liu Jiaying didnt notice the gazes and continued, “Yuelan, you said you could design a beautiful set of clothes for me.

Is that true”

Lin Yuelan smiled at Liu Jiaying, “yes, little girl!”

Liu Jiaying was very innocent, and she wore her emotions on her sleeves.

Lin Yuelan felt that she had the duty to protect Liu Jiayings innocence and naivety.

When she heard Lin Yuelan call her a little girl, Liu Jiaying protested, “Im not a little girl.

Youre younger than me.”

Thanks to Liu Jiayings shout, Guo Bing and the others immediately noticed them.


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