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Guo Bing walked over with a big red Tang suit in his hand.

When he saw Jiang Zhennan standing next to Lin Yuelan, he immediately smiled and asked, “boss, did you see anything you like”

Without waiting for Jiang Zhennans reply, he immediately turned to Lin Yuelan and asked proudly, “Miss Lin, do I look good in this red Tang suit”

“Youre such a show-off in that bright red.” Lin Yuelan said indifferently.

“Whats a show-off” Guo Bing asked, confused.

His intuition told him that it was definitely not a compliment.

Lin Yuelan smiled and asked,” what do you think”

Jiang Zhennans heart was simply stuffed.

He also wanted a piece of clothing designed by Miss Lin.

However, he had just offended Miss YueEr, so how could he have the cheek to ask her

When they returned to the Lin family Village, Guo Bing and the others were delighted to have new clothes, but they realized a problem.

Their boss and miss Lin seemed to have a conflict.

Or rather, Miss Lin seemed to be angry with their boss.

From Linyue Pavilion to the Lin family Village, miss Lin seemed to intentionally or unintentionally keep a distance from their boss.

From the beginning to the end, she had not said a word to him.

Guo Bing asked Jiang Zhennan in a low voice, “boss, how did you offend miss Lin Look at how angry she is.

She didnt even spare you a glance.”

This was heard by Doctor Zhang.

His face immediately darkened.

He looked at Jiang Zhennan with anger in his eyes and said, “Hmph, serves you right!”

This made Guo Bing and the others even more stunned.

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What kind of outrageous thing had their boss done that not only made miss Lin ignore him, but even the good-tempered Doctor Zhang was so angry that he sternly rebuked him.

Guo Bings eyes sparkled with gossip, and he asked curiously, “boss, what did you do that angered Miss Lin and Doctor Zhang Come.

Share with your brothers.”

Jiang Zhennan found it a little difficult to talk about this matter.

He lowered his head in annoyance and guilt and said in a low voice, “I tossed Miss Lin to the ground when we were in town!”

“Ha” Guo Bing and the others were so surprised that their mouths were wide open.

This made them even more curious.”Boss, what happened” They werent there when this happened, so they didnt know the details.

Jiang Zhennan roughly retold what happened in the morning to his subordinates, hoping that they would give him some ideas so that Lin Yuelan would not be angry anymore.


“I say, boss, you really deserve it!” Guo Bing and the others immediately criticized Jiang Zhennan angrily.”Miss Lin is a lady.

Its good that you have caught her.

You should have let her down gently.

How can you just throw her out You might as well let her fall.

She wouldnt be as embarrassed.”

A girl fell face-first on the ground.

That was not good.

“Thats right, boss.

Brother Guo is right,” little three stood up and said.

“Boss, youre really wrong.

Youre a man, so how could you bully a lady like Miss Lin”

“Yes, thats right.

The boss is really a little shameless.”

Jiang Zhennan suffered criticism from his brothers and subordinates.

He didnt know what to say.

Soon, they arrived at the Lin family Village.

Everyone walked at a fast pace, leaving Jiang Zhennan outside.

For the first time, Jiang Zhennan felt deserted by his brothers.

It was very sad.

For this incident, Lin Yuelan ignored Jiang Zhennan for three whole days.

Of course, Jiang Zhennan still needed to have his bandage changed.

When it was time, Lin Yuelan would still come to help him.

However, she purposely made it more painful for him.

He didnt know what Lin Yuelan had added to the medicine, but it was several times more painful than when his flesh was cut off.

But what could he do

He knew that this was Lin Yuelans way of taking revenge on him.

He believed Lin Yuelan wouldnt really harm him.

These days passed by like a stream, slowly flowing away.

As it was almost planting season, Lin Yuelan quickly took out some rice seeds from her space.

She wanted to let them germinate first before growing them.

Guo Bing saw Lin Yuelan take out the seedlings, and he knew that she was about to plant rice.

He knew a bit of riceplanting.

The seeds should be directly scattered in the field, and then they would start to take root, sprout, and grow.

However, Lin Yuelans method was different from usual again.

Jiang Zhennan knew that Lin Yuelan had gone to the era 2000 years later.

That era was a world with advanced technology.

Even when it came to farming, one or two people could plant more than 100 mu of land, and the harvest was huge.

Looking at Lin Yuelans actions, he knew that she was using the advanced farming method used by humans 2000 years later.

Guo Bing looked at the seeds that had sprouted in the cloth bag in the past two or three days and asked with doubt and curiosity, “Miss Lin, are you going to scatter these sprouted seeds in the field”

Lin Yuelan shook her head and said, “No.

We need to cultivate them in the nursery first.”

“Nursery” Guo Bing was confused.

“What is that” They had never heard of a nursery before.

Jiang Zhennan also asked in a low voice, “Miss YueEr, what about after that”

“Then they will be transplanted!”

“What is transplantation”


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