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However, they were not willing to give up their fields either.

So, they had to be shameless.

Zhou Lin rolled his eyes and cursed at Lin Yuelan, “You jinx! I was wondering why my luck had been so bad recently.

It turns out that its all because of you.

I dont care.

You have to compensate me for my losses.

I dont want much, just a hundred taels, plus the title deed for my familys five mu of land.”

He was trying to scam Lin Yuelan.

However, he didnt know that he was dealing with another big scammer.

Lin Yuelan sneered.

What a shameless man! He was comparable to Li Cuihua! If he wanted to scam her, at least he should find a better excuse.

Lin Yuelan felt that even a single glance from him would taint her eyes.

She directly turned to little twelve and ordered, “little twelve, little six, drag them all out and make them stay far away from my fields.

They are polluting this place!”

Little twelve and little six obediently walked out of the field.

They didnt even have time to clean the dirt on their feet before they rushed toward Zhou Ping and Zhou Lin.

When Zhou Ping and Zhou Lin saw the two young men, their faces turned pale.

They asked in a trembling voice, “What … What are you doing”

Little twelve and little six would not waste their breath on them.

They quickly grabbed Zhou Ping and his son by their collars and walked towards the main road.

When they reached the side of the road, they threw them to the ground.

With fierce expressions, they warned loudly, “Im warning you, stay as far away from our master as you can, or youll bear the consequences!” Little Twelve raised his fist to warn them.

Zhou Ping and his son immediately covered their heads in fear and said, “Okay, okay, well definitely stay far away.”

Then, Little Six and Little Twelve went back to the field.

On the way, many villagers saw two tall men dragging the thin Zhou Ping and Zhou Lin.

However, no one dared to help Zhou Ping and his son.

But no one stepped forward to stop him.

After Little Six and Little Twelve left, Zhou Pings wife ran over while crying.

When she saw them lying on the ground, she immediately asked in shock, “Husband, LinEr, how are you Dont scare me!”

“Stop crying! Were not dead!” Zhou Lin got up from the ground impatiently.

“If you have the energy to cry, you might as well think about how to get your fields back!”

His mother cried and said helplessly, “But, the land has been sold.

Our money is… Where can we find the money to buy the land back”

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Zhou Lin spat and said fiercely to his mother, “Who said wed buy the land back Do we even have money”

Zhou Pings wife was a little scared after being yelled at by her son.

She asked carefully, “But how are we going to get the land back without money”

Zhou Ping got up and said fiercely to his wife, “Hmph, our son is so smart.

He will definitely have a way to get our familys land back.

Right, LinEr”

Zhou Lins nostrils flared as he said arrogantly, “Just you wait.

Not only will I get our familys land back, but I will also get that jinx to compensate us.”

Zhou Ping and his wife were overjoyed when they heard this.

They immediately asked, “son, have you thought of a way”

Zhou Lin shook his head and said, “no!”

No matter what Zhou Pings family of three was planning, Lin Yuelan and the others pulled out all the seedlings in the field or stepped them into the mud to be used as fertilizer.

The people who were watching Lin Yuelans actions shook their heads and mumbled, “This is such a sin! They will get their retribution!”

As Jiang Zhennan listened to the gossip, he raised his head and glanced at these people with his sharp eyes as if to give them a warning.

When those people saw this, they quickly lowered their heads and went to do their own things.

To be honest, Guo Bing was a little puzzled and asked curiously, “Miss Lin, since these fields have already been planted, why do we have to go through so much trouble to get rid of them”

He meant that they could just take over the fields.

“If that family comes to make trouble, we can just give them some money.

I dont think theyll make more fuss than that.” There was some hesitation in the last sentence.

Lin Yuelan glared at him and said coldly, “if you want to open a charity, I wont stop you!”

Guo Bing was a little confused.

How was what he suggested a charity The Zhou Family had worked hard to plant the seedlings too.

It was not wrong to compensate them a little.

Guo Bing looked at Jiang Zhennan and asked in confusion, “boss, what does miss Lin mean”

Jiang Zhennan rolled his eyes at him and said coldly, “Stupid! Cant you see that the family wanted to use this method to illegally occupy the field And you want Miss Lin to compensate them”

Guo Bings face was slightly red.

How could he not think of that

Lin Yuelan squinted her eyes, and her sharp gaze swept across the five Mus of land.

It seemed that the Zhou family had already planned to do this when they sold the land to her.

After all, the land had been loosened and readied to be seeded.

Plus, some of the seedlings they planted had already sprouted.

Their plan was clear.

However, to Lin Yuelan, no matter how much how despicable or shameless the other party was, she had the land deed.

No one could take advantage of her.

Everything went as predicted.

The next day, the Zhou family went to make trouble.

However, they went to Lin Yiweis house.


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