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Lin Mingliang shouted back angrily, “Hey, whats wrong with you You have turned the story around, and now youre accusing my father.

Youre really shameless!”

“How are we shameless” Zhou Lin refused to be outdone.

“Your father didnt say anything about the jinx.

If he did, then get someone to prove it!”

Lin Yiwei sized up Zhou Pings family and frowned deeply.

It seemed that Zhou Pings family was going to blame him for Zhou Pings broken leg no matter what.

Lin Yiwei thought about this and sighed deeply.

‘What is wrong Trouble keeps coming to my family recently.

Lin Yiwei didnt want to argue.

He asked, “what do you want me to do”

“Compensate us!” Zhou Lin immediately said.

“Compensate you with what” Lin Mingliang was extremely angry at Zhou Pings familys unreasonable behavior.

“What does your family matter have to do with my father”

“How is it not related If he had said from the start that the jinx of your village would be the one to buy my familys land, then my family wouldnt have sold the land no matter how desperate we were,” Zhou Lin argued, “Therefore, you have to bear a lot of responsibility! You must compensate us!”

“Bull**!” Lin Mingliang said angrily, “What kind of twisted logic is this My father was kind enough to introduce you to buyers, but now his kindness has been turned into ill intent.

What happened to your father had nothing to do with my father!”

Lin Mingliang was more impulsive than Lin Mingqing.

But their family stuck together.

Now that these people were bullying his father, as the eldest son, he had to stand up for his father.

Lin Mingliang was strong and fierce.

Zhou Lin faltered for a moment.

But when he thought of the silver, his courage returned.

He sneered, “I dont care.

The truth is your father caused the jinx to curse my family.

So, you have to take responsibility for this!”

Lin Mingliang was so angry that he wanted to say something else, but he was interrupted by Lin Yiwei.

Lin Yiwei asked calmly, “tell me, what compensation do you want”

They were clearly there to make trouble.

Zhou Lin and his mothers eyes lit up.

Then, Zhou Lin said, “100 taels for the damage to my familys land, 50 taels for my fathers medical expenses, and 50 taels for the mental damage to my family.

Its not much.

Just 200 taels will do.”

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With these two hundred taels of silver, he could continue to gamble.

When Lin Mingliang heard this astronomical figure, he was so angry that his face turned green.

He roared, “why dont you guys go and rob Two hundred taels, do you think that money falls from the sky into my family”

Zhou Lin retorted, “Your father promised to compensate us.”

“Bull**,” Lin Mingliang stomped his feet.

“When did my father say that” If they really gave them two hundred taels, their entire family would have to starve.

“LanEr bought your fields.

Instead of finding her, you came to my father for money.

Do you really think that the Lin family is easy to bully” Lin Mingliang was so angry that he spoke without thinking.

“Thats right!” A clear girls voice came from the distance, “Since I, Lin Yuelan, bought your familys land, and youre certain that I cursed your father, you should come to me for compensation.

Why are you troubling Grandpa Village Chief”

The moment they heard Lin Yuelans voice, the villagers reflexively made way for her.

Then, they looked at Lin Yuelan, who was slowly walking toward them, with fear on their faces.

When Lin Yuelan heard that Zhou Pings family had come to the Lin Family Village, she had an idea what they were up to.

They were going to make something out of her reputation as the jinx.

They wouldnt really let her plant the fields, and they didnt dare to face her directly, so they thought of ways to push the blame on Lin Yiwei.

Seeing Lin Yuelan, Zhou Lin and his mother seemed to be instinctively afraid, especially when they saw the fierce-looking man with a black scar on his face.

Lin Yuelan and Jiang Zhennan walked to Lin Yiweis side.

Lin Yuelan said apologetically, “Im sorry, Grandpa Village Chief.

Ive caused you trouble!”


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