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When Lin Yiwei saw Jiang Zhennan, he was a little stunned.

The scarred face was unfamiliar, but the mans aura was familiar.

He looked at Lin Yuelan in confusion and asked, “He is”

Lin Yuelan gave him a slight nod and said, “Grandpa Village Chief, hes Nan Zhenjiang!” She introduced to him Jiang Zhennans fake name.

Lin Yiwei nodded in understanding.


‘It seems that the rumors of the God of War wearing a silver mask because his face is disfigured is true.

However, the scar on his face doesnt look scary at all.

Why would the rumors say that the scar would make women faint and children cry

Lin Yiwei didnt know that Lin Yuelan had started treatment on Jiang Zhennans face for a few days already.

The scar had faded a lot.

So, even if some black medicine was applied, Jiang Zhennan didnt look that scary anymore.

Therefore, Lin Yuelan had already told Jiang Zhennan not to wear a mask anymore.

The wound would need to be exposed to fresh air to heal.

Jiang Zhennan only gave Li Zheng a slight nod.

Lin Yuelan turned around and asked Zhou Lin and the others coldly, “you said that your father broke his leg because he sold your familys land to me.

You want compensation for it, right”

Lin Yuelans terrifying aura was too strong.

Zhou Lin, who usually only knew how to bully others, instantly felt a chill run down his spine.

“Yes!” He replied.

“The compensation for your familys loss of land is 100 taels, your fathers medical expenses are 50 taels, and the compensation for your mental damage is 50 taels.

In total, its 200 taels of silver, right” Lin Yuelan repeated what Zhou Lin had said.

“Y-yes,” Zhou Lin stuttered.

Lin Yuelan nodded and said, “logically speaking, your father broke his leg because I bought your familys field.

I should be responsible…”

“Yes, you should be responsible!” Zhou Lin immediately said.

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However, Lin Yuelan sneered, and the smile on her face was full of sarcasm and contempt.

“Why should I” She asked sharply.

Lin Yuelans words immediately silenced the noisy crowd.

Zhou Lin and his mother were even more stunned.

They thought that Lin Yuelan was willing to compensate them, which made them feel excited.

They felt that their plan was perfect.

However, when Lin Yuelan said that she was not going to pay, they were unable to react in time.

Zhou Lin quickly regained his senses.

He was so angry that his face turned pale.

He pointed at Lin Yuelan and said, “you… You…” He stammered a few times, but he couldnt get the words out.

Lin Yuelan continued, “If your parents didnt sell me their land, do you think you can walk out of the gambling den without missing a limb So dont you think you should be thankful to me because I have allowed you to escape the gambling den unscathed

“If I didnt buy your family land, no one else would buy it.

No one else will be able to buy all five Mu of the land.

Then, you would be missing an arm and a leg now.

So, does that mean Im at fault for buying the land from your parents”

Lin Yuelans words were confused.

Some of the villagers were confused.

The clever ones understood Lin Yuelan.

The Zhou family had to sell their land because their son owed money at the gambling den.

Therefore, to save their son, Zhou Ping and his wife had to sell their lands.

No one other than Lin Yuelan, who was introduced by Lin Yiwei, was able to provide them with the money to save their son right away.

Therefore, they had to sell their land to Lin Yuelan.

In other words, if Lin Yuelan didnt buy their land, Zhou Lin would be missing a few limbs now.

So what would that still be Lin Yuelans fault

When Zhou Lin and his mother heard this, their eyes flashed with guilt and panic.

“Besides, have your fathers legs been broken by accident, or is it man-made” Lin Yuelans sharp eyes stared at the guilty-looking Zhou Lin.

What did she mean

The villagers were confused.

However, the guilty Zhou Lins face immediately turned pale.

He shouted, “If it werent an accident, what did you think really happened Do you think I broke my fathers legs”


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