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Lin Yuelan sneered and pointed out sharply, “Is that a confession I only mentioned that it might not be an accident, so why did you hurry to admit everything”

The crowd boiled because of this.

However, they were still skeptical.

Zhou Lins face was pale, and he retorted in a panic, “You… Dont you slander me! How could I possibly break my fathers leg”

“Why is it impossible ” Lin Yuelan laughed mockingly, “Is there anything you cant do for two hundred taels of silver Actually, you would have taken your fathers life, much less break his legs for the money!”

“You … Youre talking nonsense!” Zhou Lin said without any confidence, “Hes my biological father.

How could I possibly harm my father My fathers accident happened because of you.

Today, you must compensate me!”

“Ah, what are you doing”



The first sentence was Zhou Pings wife screaming in panic, and the second sentence was Zhou Pings painful scream.

The third sound came from the crowd.

When the crowd saw Zhou Pings wound, they instantly sucked in a breath of air and patted their chests in shock.

Zhou Pings legs were chopped off by a knife or an axe.

The skin and flesh were exposed, like fish scales, but covered in blood.

It was terrifying!

When Zhou Lin was arguing with Lin Yuelan, Jiang Zhennan slithered over to remove the old cloth covering Zhou Pings wound.

Lin Yuelan didnt say anything.

Lin Mingliang said impatiently, “Is this the result of an accident Do you think were fools The legs were clearly cut off by a knife.

Hmph, what else do you have to say”


As for who had chopped off the legs, the answer was obvious.

After all, they came to cause trouble right after Zhou Ping had thisaccident.

How were things that coincidental

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Lin Yuelan walked toward Zhou Ping calmly and said to him in a condescending manner, “Zhou Ping, since youre awake, tell us how the injuries on your legs came about.

“If youre honest, maybe Ill be kind enough to treat your wounds.

Otherwise, looking at the extent of your injuries, youll only be left with two white bones, and youll have to lie in bed for the rest of your life, relying on your son to take care of you.

“However, would a son who did not hesitate to chop off his fathers legs for money be filial to you”

Long Yan Kingdom had the “law of filial piety” but there were still unfilial children.

However, as long as these parents didnt report it, the court wouldnt care.

They would turn a blind eye to such things.

As for why these parents did not file a lawsuit, there were two common reasons.

One was they couldnt pay the fee, and the other was they didnt have the heart to bring their flesh and blood to court.

Zhou Ping and his wife were the second type of parents.

They spoiled Zhou Lin since he was young.

How could they bear to let him suffer

However, this son of theirs had been so spoiled that he had lost his humanity.

He had actually taken a knife and cut his fathers legs for some money.

To please his son, Zhou Ping gritted his teeth and endured great pain, letting his son do whatever he wanted.

However, things were not going according to their plan.

Zhou Pings face was pale.

Because he had lost too much blood, he did not have any strength left.

He gritted his teeth and said, “I cut my legs in an accident!”

As long as they didnt admit it, who could say that they were wrong

Lin Yuelan nodded and said, “Youve made your choice, and you have to live with it.

But…” She said sharply, “So you injured your legs in an accident.

What does it have to do with me Why should I compensate you”

“My husbands legs were injured because of you, so you must compensate us!” Zhou Pings wife yelled at Lin Yuelan.

“You keep saying that youre cursed by me.” Lin Yuelan said firmly, “then may I ask, what evidence do you have to prove that youre cursed by me Everyone in the Lin family Village knows that anyone who is cursed by me is either my future husband or my blood relative.

I have nothing to do with your Zhou family, so how did I curse you”

“Isnt Lin Mingqing cursed by you too Hes still lying in bed now, isnt he” Zhou Lin immediately argued.

He had heard about this before.

As soon as he said this, Lin Yiwei and his son looked a little sad, and they looked at Lin Yuelan with a complicated expression.

Lin Yuelan said, “Perhaps Im the reason why Uncle Qing became like this.

However, three years ago, I swore to God that I would cure uncle Qing.

Fortunately, Ive gained enough skills to treat uncle Qing now!”

Lin Yuelans words shocked everyone.

Lin Yiwei and his son were especially shocked.

They looked at Lin Yuelans face with excitement that could not be suppressed.


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