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Lin Yuelan took out a shiny silver needle and said to him, “I will clear the blood clot in your brain first.

The third needle will hurt a little, and you have to bear with it.”

As she spoke, Lin Yuelan found the right acupuncture point on his head and inserted a needle.

Lin Mingqings expression did not change at all, and he still looked like a fool.

After the second needle was inserted, Lin Mingqing still looked the same.

The third needle was a nine-inch-long silver needle.

It was inserted into the center of Lin Mingqings head until only an inch could be seen.

Lin Mingqings expression began to change.

His face turned ferocious and twisted as if he was suffering from great and unbearable pain.

His hands began to clench into fists, and the veins on his wrists popped out.

He wanted to raise his hands to remove the source of the pain.

At this moment, one stern and cold girls voice rang beside his ear.

She said loudly, “Lin Mingqing, if you want to be like a fool for the rest of your life, you can pull that needle out!”

No, he didnt want to be a drooling fool.

He wanted to return to his normal.

He couldnt give up halfway.

Absolutely not!

Lin Mingqing continued to endure the pain.

After inserting the needles, Lin Yuelan stood calmly at the side and watched.

It was not that she didnt want to hurry up the process, but the procedure had to be done step by step.

To Lin Mingqing, the pain was heart-wrenching, bone-eroding, and heart-devouring.

However, he knew that no matter how painful it was, he had to endure it.

As he held on, the pain slowly disappeared.

It was as if cool spring water was splashed on him after he had been roasted by fire.

Looking at Lin Mingqings expression, Lin Yuelan knew that the pain from the third needle had passed, and her serious expression relaxed a little.

She was also a little worried that Lin Mingqing would not be able to survive the pain.

Lin Yuelan said in a tender and cold voice, “Congratulations, uncle Qing, you made it.

Ill continue to apply the needles, but the pain will be much less intense.”

Lin Yuelan took out three silver needles and inserted them into each of the acupuncture points.


Not long after, Lin Mingqing felt something flowing out of his ears and nose.

Just as he was about to speak, Lin Yuelan shushed him, “Uncle Qing, you cant speak just yet.


The silver needles were still on his head.

Once he spoke, it would cause the acupuncture points to shift, and the consequences would be serious.

Lin Mingqings eyes widened in shock.


Does that mean I can speak now

When Lin Mingqings ears and nose stopped bleeding, Lin Yuelan slowly pulled out the silver needles.

Then, she said calmly, “uncle Qing, you can speak and move your hands now.”

Lin Mingqing moved his hands.

Then, he asked in disbelief, “can I really speak” When he heard his voice, he was dumbfounded!

Soon, he was as excited as a child.

His expression was joyful, and his eyes were full of tears.

He whispered, “I can speak, I can speak.” Then, he laughed with tears in his eyes and said loudly, “I can really speak! Haha….”

As he had not spoken for many years, his voice was hoarse.

However, one could still hear the joy and excitement in it.

The room didnt have good sound insulation, and Lin Mingqing was quite loud due to his joy.

Therefore, when Lin Yiwei and his family, who were waiting outside, heard a hoarse and unclear mans voice coming from inside, they were first stunned, then all of them became ecstatic.

“Husband, that was QingEr who was talking just now, right” Lin Yiweis wife, Zhou Xiaomei, grabbed Lin Yiweis arm and asked with tears in her eyes.

“Yes, yes.

Its our QingEr who was talking.” Lin Yiwei also said with tears in his eyes.


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