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Lin Yuelan reminded Lin Yiweis family, “Grandpa village chief, remember, uncle Mingqings body must not move for the next three days.”

Lin Yiwei asked doubtfully, “What if QingEr needs to go to the toilet” Normally they would carry Lin Mingqing to the toilet, but Lin Yuelan told them that they couldnt move him for the next three days.

It was fine if he wanted to pee, but what if he wanted to take a dump

Lin Yuelan could only shrug.

Lin Yuelan hadnt thought about it.

In modern hospitals, patients who could not move would have a catheter and a flat urinal.

However, those things didnt exist here.

Lin Yuelan said, “Hell have to wear diapers!” She was serious.

However, the expressions of those who were listening froze.

If Lin Mingqing had heard this, he would probably be very embarrassed.

Thankfully, he was asleep.

Lin Yiwei said awkwardly, “girl, is there no other way Im afraid that QingEr…” would be too embarrassed by it.

However, Lin Yuelan said seriously, “Grandpa village chief, desperate times call for desperate measures.

We cant abandon the treatment because of embarrassment, right”

Lin Yiwei could only sigh and say, “Youre right.” Anyway, it wasnt like QingEr had never used a diaper before, so what was the harm in using it again

Doctor Zhang glanced at Lin Mingqing, who was lying on the bed and said to the rest, “lets all go out and let Mingqing rest.

He must be tired.”

Lin Yiweis wife adjusted Lin Mingqings blanket.

Then, the whole family walked out of Lin Mingqings room with a reluctant look in their eyes.

As soon as Lin Yuelan came out, she saw Jiang Zhennan sitting in the corridor and was slightly surprised.

Then, she asked, “masked uncle, what are you doing here” He should be cultivating the seeds, so what was he doing there

She didnt think that Jiang Zhennan was slacking off.

So, something must have happened in the fields for him to come there.

Jiang Zhennan looked at Lin Yiweis family.

The cold and stern expression on his face was a little hesitant.

He wanted to say something but stopped.

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Lin Yiweis family was very good at reading people.

Lin Yiwei immediately said to Lin Yuelan, “LanEr, well go to the front hall first.” Then, he had his family leave.

Doctor Zhang also left with them.

After everyone had left, Jiang Zhennan said, “miss YueEr, someone has drained the water in the nursery.”

Lin Yuelans eyes widened ,and she asked coldly, “what did you say”

Jiang Zhennan continued, “all the water in the nursery has been drained.

What should we do now”

Lin Yuelan said coldly, “Ill go with you to take a look.”

After Lin Yuelan went to the front hall and said goodbye to the village chiefs family, she directly walked toward the field.

As soon as they saw Lin Yuelan and Jiang Zhennan coming over, Guo Bing and the others, who were busy weeding in the fields, quickly came over.

Lin Yuelan looked at the soil of the nursery.

The water had run out.

The soil was very muddy.

She turned to look at the spot where they burned the dry grass.

There was still a pile of ash there.

Lin Yuelan was reminded of another type of rice farming method, dryland rice farming.

It was not that different from water rice farming, except it didnt use as much water.

Lin Yuelan pointed at the piles of mud and said, “Spread some mud evenly on the nursery and plant the seeds.

For the next two days, keep the nursery wet.

We dont need to flood it, just keep the nursery muddy and wet.”

When Jiang Zhennan heard this, he was a little puzzled.

He asked suspiciously, “Miss YueEr, will that be okay with so little water”

“Sure.” Lin Yuelan explained, “You can grow rice in dry soil.

As long as these seedlings have enough sunlight, nutrients, and water, they will also grow.

Then, they can be transplanted to the paddy fields.”


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