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Jiang Zhennan and the others didnt quite understand it, but since Lin Yuelan said that this was fine, they just followed her instructions.

Everyone immediately got to work again, shoveling up the mud and placing it in the nursery.

They planted the seed and used the bucket to fetch water from the ditch.

They watered the nursery.

After everything was done, everyone was sweating.

Guo Bing wiped the sweat off his forehead and asked again in disbelief, “Miss Lin, is this really okay”

This was related to the livelihood of the people in the country in the future.

He was doubtful whether this matter would succeed.

However, they would know in the future.

Lin Yuelan rolled her eyes at him and snapped, “no!” Then, she glanced up at the clear sky.

She said, “The work is done.

Lets go home!”

Guo Bing and the rest looked at each other.

They still wanted to know who the wicked person who let them dry their fields was.

Little three asked, “Miss Lin, are we leaving just like that How are we going to find the culprit who drained our fields” They wanted to catch that person.

They wanted to stay just in case the culprit came back to the crime scene.

Lin Yuelan gave them a look and said, “Its alright.

Ive basically confirmed who the culprit is.”

“Who is it” Little Three and the others asked in unison, very curious.

Lin Yuelan said, “Most villagers are afraid of me.

They also know that these lands are given to me by Lin Laosan.

They will not plot against me with these fields except for a few families who have enmity with me.”

“Your enemies” Jiang Zhennan and the others immediately thought of a few families.

“Are you talking about Lin Laosans family” Little twelve asked with a frown.

Lin Laosans family had been down on their luck recently.

No villager dared to visit them, afraid that they would be jinxed to death.

The villagers avoided Lin Laosans family as if they were avoiding the plague.

Lin Laosans family couldnt find anyone to borrow farm equipment, even though it was the busy farming season.

They needed to vent their grievances.

What better candidate than Lin Yuelan

After all, they always wanted to bully Lin Yuelan.

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Lin Yuelan shook her head and replied to little twelve, “No.

Lin Laosans family is now hated by everyone.

Plus, everyone in the village knows that they hate me.

They are still suffering from the consequences of the last time they tried to harm me.

They are too busy saving themselves to do something like this.

They are busy trying to find help to farm their own fields.

Why would they purposely come here to ruin my fields Lin Laosan is not that stupid.

They hate me, but they wouldnt sacrifice their own benefits to take revenge on me.”

Little Three and the rest understood Lin Yuelans analysis slightly.

The culprit was not Lin Laosans family.

“But, who would be the one who released the water” Little Three said doubtfully.

Guo Bing continued, “The person must be someone who has a grudge against miss Lin.

“Other than Lin Laosans family, there are only three other families.

Liu Liujiaos family, Gu Sanniangs family, and Zhou Pings family.

“All three of them could do this, but Liu Liujiao was just warned by Miss Lin two days ago.

Furthermore, she had a terrible illness.

If she wanted to live, she would need to please miss Lin.

“Zhou Pings family lived in another village.

Zhou Pings legs had been severely injured by his son, and his wife had to take care of him.

Therefore, it was impossible for them to do this.

Zhou Lin is too heartless to just drain the nursery.

If he were the one who did this, he would even clog the fields and so on.


“So, only Gu Sanniangs family is left now.” The three of them nodded.

But they still didnt quite get it.

“But how can we be sure”

Gu Sanniangs family only had Gu Sanniang and Ying Zi.

Guo Bing glanced at them and then lectured them, “I told you to be more attentive! Have you been listening to me Take a look at the third plot of land from our nursery.”

The kids immediately ran to the specified plot.

Then, they saw that there were some dusts there.

It hadnt rained for the past two days, so the water in the field had been slowly evaporating.

When the water from the nursery evaporated, it would leave behind ashes because the water was treated with ash.

This was concrete evidence!

Little Six asked, “Brother Guo, look.

Theres ash here too.”

“This proves that the water from our nursery has been drained and directed to this plot.

But does this plot belong to Gu Sanniangs family” Little twelve asked doubtfully.


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