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More than a dozen people stared at the child who suddenly slipped down from the tree.

They couldnt believe that a child so young had such a high vigilance.

She managed to hide in the tree before they arrived.

She even managed to avoid the detection of their boss.

However, the most shocking thing was the first thing the child did once she slid down was to scold their first lieutenant angrily.

In other words, the food belonged to the child, and this was not a trap like what they had imagined,

Guo Bing, the first lieutenant, held the few skewers of wild mushrooms in his hands.

His eyes were filled with surprise as he stared in shock at this little brat who didnt even reach their waist.

This child was wearing a coarse black dress that reached her ankles.

Her hair was disheveled, and her skin was sallow and tanned.

It was clear that she had not eaten her fill for a long time and was malnourished.

The surprising thing was the child had the eyes of a wild wolf.

They were sharp, fierce, and guarded.

The vine she held, which was as thick as an adult mans finger, seemed to have a sharp, bloodthirsty aura.

Their instinct as soldiers told them that the vine had killed thousands of creatures even though the vine looked exceptionally normal, like it had just been plucked from the mountain.

Guo Bing, Jiang Zhennans righthand man, had already felt that way, much less Jiang Zhennan, who had faced many on the battlefields.

However, he was confused.

How did the child, a girl around eight, survive in a deep mountain and forest on her own

She would have to live on the edge of danger for years to cultivate her high vigilance, swiftness, agility, and alertness.

It suggested that she was often attacked by wild beasts or severe dangers.

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Guo Bing looked at Lin Yuelan and then at the few mushrooms in his hand.

He said with a casual smile, “Little girl, we didnt steal your food.

We happened upon them and didnt see anyone around, so we picked them up.”


“Bull**!” Lin Yuelan cursed with her childish voice.

Then, she harshly questioned, “You took without asking, and thats stealing! Have you asked the owner of the food if you can take them”

Then, her sharp eyes sized up their attire.

A cold and sarcastic expression immediately appeared on her small face as she said, “Looking at the way youre dressed in armor and armed with spears and sabers, you must be soldiers.

“If every soldier goes around like you pillaging from commoners, will normal people be able to survive anymore”


Guo Bing had always boasted that he had a silver tongue, but this time, he was rendered speechless by a little girl!

What made him speechless was the skewers in his hands.

He was wrong for taking the food to eat without asking, but he didnt mean to pillage anyone.

Guo Bing felt very wronged!

As for the others, they were shocked.

This little girl was really too rude! How could a little girl say something as brash as bull** Wasnt she worried about her marriage prospect

However, one of them was highly intrigued by the content and tone of the girls words.


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