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Little Six touched the back of his head and asked in confusion, “Miss Lin, are you going to take revenge on them”

Lin Yuelan nodded and said loudly, “of course.

Since they dared to ignore my warning and bully me in the open, then they will have to bear the consequences.” She was actually referring to Gu Sanniang and Lin Yingzi.

Jiang Zhennan also saw the shadow under the big tree.

Little Six was confused, so he took over and nodded.


Revenge is called for!”

Little three, little six, and little twelve looked at each other in confusion.

As for Guo Bing, when Lin Yuelans eyes swept over the big tree, and then when his boss did the same thing, he knew that someone was hiding there.

Guo Bing also smiled and asked, “I do want revenge! But, Miss Lin, how are we going to get our revenge”

The three kids heard their conversation and were really confused.

They didnt know what they were up to.

Little twelve touched the back of his head and said, “Brother Guo, what are you guys talking about”

Lin Yuelan smiled and said, “brother little twelve, it doesnt matter what were talking about.

Whats important is that were taking revenge.”

“What revenge” Little twelve quickly added.

“Their buttocks will have sores and rot!” Lin Yuelan said in a loud and stern voice.

The person hiding behind the big tree was so happy that she almost screamed.

Fortunately, she covered her mouth so that those people didnt notice her hiding there.

The others were shocked! What kind of revenge was this

Jiang Zhennans eyes flashed as he thought of Lin Yuelans friend, Little Green.

“Miss Lin, how would you make their butts rot” Little twelve asked curiously.

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Lin Yuelan laughed and said loudly, “brother little twelve, youre wrong.

I wouldnt be the one to do that.

From the moment I was sent back by the King of Hell, I was protected by little ghosts.

So, these ghosts will seek justice on those who try to harm and injure me.”

Lin Yuelan glanced over at the shadow under the tree and said loudly, “So, brother little twelve, lets go back.

Those peoples buttocks will start to have sores tomorrow, and the sores will start to rot.

If they dont see a doctor in time, then from the third day onwards, the rotten sores will slowly spread all over their bodies.

In the end, their faces will be covered with abscesses.

Dont you think its perfect revenge”

Lin Yuelan said it nonchalantly, but the person under the tree was surprised.

Her hands moved to her butt.

Other than Jiang Zhennan, the other men felt a little disgusted and horrified when they heard this.

A body and face covered in boils.

That was terrifying!

A cruel smile appeared on Jiang Zhennans cold face.

“That is a good revenge!”

Lin Yuelan laughed contemptuously and sarcastically, “If the King of Hell had taught me anything, it was not to be merciful to your enemies!” She glanced at the shadow under the tree and said, “Lets go back!”

After Lin Yuelan and the others left, the figure under the large tree walked out.

Looking at Lin Yuelan, who was far away, she clenched her fists so tightly that her nails dug into her palms.

Her eyes were filled with hatred as she gritted her teeth and said, “Lin Yuelan, you bitch! One day, I will make sure that you die a horrible death!”

Then, Ying Zis face changed.

She lowered her head and turned around.

She made sure that no one was around.

Then, she slowly reached her hand toward her butt and scratched it a few times.

After that, her face turned pale.

After Gu Sanniang got out of bed, she felt that her butt was very itchy.

She scratched it a few times, but the more she scratched, the itchier it became.

After that, she took off her pants to scratch at the itchy spot.

The itchiness got so bad that she felt something was wrong.

As she scratched around her butts, she could feel her skin and rotten flesh being peeled off.


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