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When Gu Sanniang heard that they both had sores on their butts, her expression immediately changed.

She asked anxiously, “YingEr, what exactly is going on Why are we…”

Ying Zi gritted her teeth and told her mother about the water draining she had done at Lin Yuelans plot.

And how she wanted to get back at her uncle and his wife.

She said, “that bitch Lin yuelan said that she would take revenge on the people who drained her plot.

I thought she meant Uncle Tangs family, but…”

Gu Sanniangs face turned pale.

Lin Yuelan, that bitch, had many ways to take revenge.

Last time, Gu Sanniang went to her house to steal money, but she didnt succeed.

Instead, she was forced to stay one night on Mount Da Ao.

This time, there was another tragedy.

However, Gu Sanniang felt that something was not right.

“Thats not right.” Gu Sanniang said, “YingEr, didnt you just say that she suspected your uncle and his family Why is the revenge taken on us”

Gu Sanniangs words immediately made Ying Zis eyes burn with anger.

She gritted her teeth and cursed, “that jinx said that the King of Hell had sent many little ghosts to help her.

They will monitor things around her and will take revenge on those who bully the jinx.”

“What!” Gu Sanniang was shocked.

She looked around in horror, and her heart was uneasy.

The thought of a little ghost wandering around them made her panic.

People at that time were very superstitious.

They were instantly afraid when they heard that they were being haunted.

Gu Sanniang trembled as she said, “how… How did this happen What should we do now, daughter” Since it was her daughter who drained the field, the little ghosts probably saw everything.

Ying Zi also didnt know what to do.

She thought of what Lin Yuelan had said yesterday.

If they didnt see a doctor on the first day, their buttocks would start to rot and be covered in abscesses on the second day.

On the third day, the abscesses would cover their entire body and even their faces.

She couldnt stand the thought of her entire body and face being covered in such disgusting, rotting, and pus-filled ulcers.

If that were the case, she would rather die.

Ying Zis eyes were filled with intense hatred.

‘That bitch, why couldnt she just die

“Daughter, what should we do now” Gu Sanniang asked again.

This was a shameful problem for women.

If she went to the doctor for it, she would be laughed at by others.

However, if she didnt see a doctor, she would die from the itchiness.

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Ying Zi looked at Gu Sanniang and sneered.

“What else can we do Of course, were going to see the doctor.

Are you going to wait for your entire body to be covered in boils instead”

Gu Sanniang looked at Ying Zis cold expression and frowned.

“Child, what are you saying Im your mother.” Her tone was very disrespectful.

“I know youre my mother,” Ying Zi said.

“But didnt you ask me a question I was just answering you.” Her expression was of impatience and disdain, even a little disgust.

If Gu Sanniang hadnt flirted with Lin Zhangmao, she wouldnt have been beaten half to death, and Ying Zi wouldnt have wanted to take revenge.

Then, she wouldnt have done the things to offend the little ghosts.

Hence, Ying Zi resented her mother.

She even despised and loathed her.

Gu Sanniang choked.

She didnt know why her daughter looked so angry.

However, no matter what, she had to solve the problem with their bodies first.

Gu Sanniang asked again cautiously, “but how are we going to see the doctor considering where the sores are growing”

“How would I know Lets go and take a look first!” Ying Zi said.

If they didnt see a doctor, the consequences would be very serious.

Ying Zi valued her pretty face very much.

How would she allow it to be covered in boils


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