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In modern times, many patients would still be in a wheelchair for the rest of their lives even after their legs were cured because they couldnt stand the immense pain of rehabilitation.

Lin Yiwei nodded his head firmly and said, “I believe in QingEr.

He will definitely persevere and get through it.

He will stand again.” Once his youngest son did that, he would get his scholar title back.

Then, his QingEr wouldnt be mocked anymore.

Lin Mingqing said with a determined expression, “LanEr, dont worry.

I will not give up halfway.”

Lin Yuelan nodded and said, “Yes, I believe in uncle Mingqing too! Hes a determined adult!”

Lin Mingqings mouth twitched when he heard the word adult.

They seemed to have neglected the fact that LanEr was only a twelve-year-old child.

After that, Lin Yuelan asked Lin Yiwei and his wife to leave.

She gave Lin Mingqing Tui Na, but this time, she didnt give Lin Mingqing any anesthesia.

Lin Mingqing saw Lin Yuelan rubbing and pinching his body.

His face turned red again as if it had been applied with blush.

In his eyes, Lin Yuelan was still a girl.

It was quite improper.

However, she was also a doctor and therefore, impropriety didnt matter.

Lin Mingqing closed his eyes and treated Lin Yuelan as a normal doctor.

However, as soon as he closed his eyes, there seemed to be a warm current in his legs.

It flowed through Lin Yuelans hands and slowly spread to his whole body.

The warm current was the green source of life from Lin Yuelan.

It was restoring the vitality in Lin Mingqings body.

Although Lin Yuelan kept her attention on Tui Na, she could see all of Lin Mingqings expressions from the corner of her eyes.

She found it funny.

‘Men in ancient times are really pure.

Its making me feel embarrassed too.

Lin Yuelan massaged Lin Mingqings legs to send energy there.


Gu Sanniang listened to her daughters suggestion and went directly to the medicine shop in town.

She covered her face and grabbed the medicine for the sore.

Then, she rushed back.

The journey from the Lin family Village to the town was long, and the road was not easy to walk on.

The round trip took Gu Sanniang more than half a day.

By the time they returned to the Lin family Village, it was already late afternoon.

However, the ulcers on their buttocks had all festered and bled.

The itch was unbearable, and their hands could not help scratching.

By the time they took medicine and applied it, their entire buttocks had been badly mangled, like a pool of red mud.

It was disgusting and terrifying to see.

They applied medicine to each other, and they were disgusted.

By the time they were done, it was already dark.

They were mentally exhausted, so they hurriedly made some food and went to sleep.

They believed that the sores would be gone when they woke up tomorrow.


“How could this be” Ying Zi looked at her two hands in horror.

They were covered in sores, like the ones on her butt.

Immediately after, she barged into her mothers room and scolded her mother angrily, “Did you buy the correct medicine Or did you get those cheap medicines to save money”

Gu Sanniang was sleeping soundly in her room when her daughters sudden roar woke her up.

She asked in surprise, “Ying Zi, whats wrong with you Why are you so angry”

Ying Zi roared, “How do you still dare to ask me Look at these!”

As she spoke, she stretched out her arms.

They were covered in red pus, and some sticky yellow-white liquid was flowing out, emitting a foul smell.

Gu Sanniang was shocked.

She immediately stretched out her hand to look at her arm and was shocked to find that her arm was the same.

She said in horror and disbelief, “How could this be I clearly asked the doctor for a prescription to treat sores and ulcers.

I took the prescription to the pharmacy to get the medicine.

The medicine is not cheap …” As she said that, Gu Sanniangs words suddenly stopped.

Then, her expression froze for a moment, and she said angrily, “the person at the medicine shop must have cheated me.

They took so much money from me but gave me cheap medicine.

Bastards, Im definitely going to settle the score with them.”


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