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They were poisoned!

Ying Zi was shocked and asked in disbelief, “how is that possible Doctor Zhang, we didnt go anywhere.

How could we suddenly be poisoned”

Doctor Zhangs face darkened, and he said in a bad tone, “Are you questioning my skills”

Ying Zi choked.

She knew that she had said the wrong thing.

She immediately apologized, “Im sorry, Doctor Zhang.

I didnt mean that.” After that, she asked anxiously, “Doctor Zhang, is there a way to detoxify the poison You see, my mother and I are covered in this abscesses-like thing.

Its very uncomfortable.

Doctor Zhang, please do us a favor and treat my mother and me.” Ying Zis tone was almost pleading.

They didnt know how they were poisoned, but they knew that it must be related to the jinx.

However, the most important thing now was to get someone to treat the poison.

Doctor Zhang shook his head and said, “Xiao Ying, if you have ulcers, I can treat you immediately.

However, youre poisoned.

I have to know the poison to create the antidote! But,” Doctor Zhang asked sternly, “How did you get poisoned Did you get exposed to any poisonous stuff recently Or did someone poison you” He was asking about the source of the poison.

“We were poisoned by someone.” Ying Zi didnt even think and immediately confirmed this.

The culprit was Lin Yuelan.

When Gu Sanniang heard Ying Zis answer, she was stunned.

‘What is YingEr doing Doesnt she know that Doctor Zhang is close to that bitch She is studying medicine with him.

Once this stubborn old man knows that it was Lin Yuelan who poisoned them, he wouldnt treat them anymore.

Gu Sanniang was a little flustered and uneasy, but she did not know what to do.

She always listened to her daughter because her daughter was a smart child with many ideas since she was young.

She also had the final say in big matters in the family.

Doctor Zhangs eyes sharpened as he asked, “Who poisoned you”

‘This girl is very clever for her age.

Its fine if she uses her cleverness in a good way.

LanEr is clever too.

But this girl will only use her mind to harm others.

When she grows up, she will be a scourge on the world.

Ying Zi lowered her eyes and bit her lip, not willing to answer.

Doctor Zhang asked sternly, “who poisoned you And why did they poison you”

Ying Zi didnt want to say.

Because if she said Lin Yuelan was the one who poisoned her, with Lin Yuelans relationship with Doctor Zhang, Doctor Zhang would cover up for the bitch.


Ying Zi gritted her teeth and said, “Doctor Zhang, this has nothing to do with the detoxification, right”

Doctor Zhang snorted coldly and said, “how can it not be related If I dont know the source of the poison, how can I cure it Since you dont want to cooperate, Im sorry, but I cant do anything about it.

Please leave!”

When Gu Sanniang heard this, she panicked.

If Doctor Zhang refused to treat them, they would be covered in sores the next day.

Gu Sanniang nervously said to Doctor Zhang, “Doctor Zhang, dont be angry! Its not that we dont want to tell you, but we also dont know who was so cruel to poison us all of a sudden.

We have no grudges with anyone, and we cant think of anyone who would poison us!”

Doctor Zhang stroked his beard and snorted coldly.

“In that case, please wait three days for me to figure out what kind of poison this is and then formulate an antidote.

You can come back three days later!”

Hearing that, Ying Zi and Gu Sanniang had no choice but to leave.

However, Ying Zi was still uneasy.

She still remembered what Lin Yuelan had said that day.

The malignant sores would cover her entire face on the third day.


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