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First, the childs vocabulary was quite sophisticated.

This was not an uneducated child.

Second, the child could tell they were soldiers at a glance.

This would not be possible for someone who had lived her whole life in the mountains.

Therefore, he was especially curious and puzzled about her identity.

Guo Bing was especially depressed as he held the skewers.

He wanted to turn around and return them, but the fragrance that drifted into his nostrils really made his mouth slurp.

Guo Bing looked at the little girls eyes that were locked on the skewers.

There was a hint of depression in them.

Guo Bing darted his eyes and immediately asked in a flattering tone, “Little girl…”

“Who are you calling a little girl Youre the little girl!” “Lin Yuelan said fiercely.

She was already 32 years old, and she was not used to being called a little girl by people younger than her.

So she was annoyed.

Clearly, Lin Yuelan had forgotten about her transmigration.

She was now only 12, and due to lack of nutrition, she looked like she was 8.


Therefore, to Guo Bing and the others, she was a little girl.

When Lin Yuelan scolded Guo Bing, everyones lips twitched, except for Lin Yuelan herself.

Even Jiang Zhennan, who wore a mask, could not help but twitch the corners of his mouth.

The corners of his mouth curved up in an unbelievable arc.

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This was something that was impossible in the past.

However, his subordinates were so taken by the child before them that they didnt realize that their general could actually smile!

Did the child swallow manic medicine

Why did she explode immediately

Manic medicine was a kind of medicine that made people become crazy and irritable.

The victim would become aggressive to everyone.

Guo Bing was stunned for a moment, but he immediately reacted and said in a fawning manner again, “Then… Miss, can you tell me, can these things really be eaten” If they were edible, he really wanted to try them.

“What nonsense.

If they cant be eaten, why would I roast them To watch” Lin Yuelan said with a sharp and fierce tone again.

Once Guo Bing heard that the mushrooms could be eaten, Guo Bing became impatient and put them into his mouth.

Little Six and the others didnt have time to stop him.


They stared at their first lieutenant with a purple face, afraid that he would be poisoned or die at any time!

Seeing how frightened the soldiers were, the corners of Lin Yuelans mouth twitched.

Pitying them, she said with a bit of compassion, “Dont worry, this thing isnt poisonous.

It wont kill him!”

Then, she walked over to the fire.

She spotted two skewers of mushrooms still on the ground.

She picked them up and sat down.

She took out seasoning from her bag and sprinkled it on the mushrooms.

The fragrance immediately became even more intense.

This bag was a cloth bag she took out of the space when she was hiding in the tree.

The fragrance made everyone drool.

Lin Yuelan took the mushrooms and put them into her mouth.

Then, she chewed on them happily.

The chewing sound made the soldiers swallow their saliva.

Lin Yuelan looked at their slurring mouths and chuckled.

Then, with a cunning smile, she asked, “Do you guys want to eat some”

Everyone immediately nodded.

“Yes, we do!”


Then pay for the food! Once you give me money, Ill give you food.

Oh, by the way, one mushroom costs one tael of silver.”

Lin Yuelan said very naturally.

Then, she looked at Guo Bing and said, “Speaking of, this uncle ate four skewers of my mushrooms or a total of 36 mushrooms.

That should be 36 taels of silver, but Ill give you a discount and take only 35 taels.

“So, please give me 35 taels of silver, thank you!”




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