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Lin Yuelan said, “twice in seven days!” In other words, he would have meat twice a week!

“No!” Doctor Zhang bargained.

“Once every seven days!” Lin Yuelan pushed.

“Alright then!” Doctor Zhang finally gave in.

“Twice in seven days!”

If he continued to resist, he might not even get to eat meat once every fortnight.

Doctor Zhang suddenly asked in a serious tone, “Girl, what poison were Ying Zi and her mother inflicted with They look like they have ulcers.”

Lin Yuelan shook her head and said, “Grandmaster, Im not too sure what poison theyre suffering from.

However, the King of Hell told me in my dream that it was a type of plant poison from another world.”

Doctor Zhang asked curiously, “What other world is it Can we find the plant here”

Lin Yuelan shook her head and said, “Im not sure.”

Doctor Zhang was a little disappointed.

“Is there really an antidote for it” Doctor Zhang asked again out of curiosity.

Lin Yuelan nodded and said, “yes! The King of Hell sent me a bottle of clear liquid and a bottle of milky white liquid!”

In fact, the clear liquid was the spiritual water, and the milky white liquid was the poisonous plant juice.

“Why would he send two bottles” Doctor Zhang asked doubtfully.

“One bottle is the antidote, and the other bottle is the poison!” Lin Yuelan said indifferently.

Doctor Zhang was greatly shocked.

‘King of Hell, are you being too generous Plus, why would you give such things to a doctor Are you telling to tell her to harm others

However, Doctor Zhang soon got over it and became happy again.

He said excitedly, “girl, this is great.

In the future, if anyone dares to bully you again, you can cause their bodies to itch.”

Lin Yuelan chuckled at Doctor Zhang and said, “Grandmaster, do you really think that I can be bullied even if I dont have this bottle of poison”

Doctor Zhang shook his head honestly.

“Of course not.” His grand disciple was very capable.

She didnt need poison.

She could easily take revenge on her bullies through other methods.

The Grandmaster and grand disciple chatted for a while, and Jiang Zhennan and the others who were working came back.

When they returned, they carried a few straight branches that were as thick as two fingers of an adult man.

After Jiang Zhennan greeted Doctor Zhang, he showed the branches to Lin Yuelan and asked, “Miss YueEr, are these usable”

Lin Yuelan took one and nodded.

“Yes! I need you to shave them and then cut them into four feet long strips.” According to modern calculation, one foot was 33 centimeters.

Four feet was about 1.3 meters.

“Alright!” Jiang Zhennan handed these branches to little twelve and let him cut them.

Lin Yuelan asked again, “Have you prepared the rope”

Little San held a roll of something that looked like a rope in his hand and said, “Miss Lin, this is the rope we made.

We made it according to your request.

Its about 16 Zhang!” One Zhang was 3.3 meters.

Lin Yuelan took the rope and studied it.

It was twined from tree bark and soft vines.

Lin Yuelan pulled to test it.

“Yes, this is good.

Thank you so much.”

Little three scratched his head and shook it.

“Miss Lin, theres no need for thanks.

However,” little three looked at the rope in Lin Yuelans hand and said, “weve only made one so far because the materials are not easy to find! Tomorrow, well have to continue our search on the mountain to make another rope!”

Lin Yuelan nodded and said, “As long as we can get two ropes before we plant the rice seedlings, it will be fine!”

As Doctor Zhang listened, he was a little confused by the sticks and ropes.

He asked directly, “girl, what are you doing with these things”

Lin Yuelan said, “Its for transplantation!”

“Transplantation” Doctor Zhang wasnt the only one who didnt understand this.

In fact, even an expert farmer wouldnt understand what Lin Yuelan was doing.

However, Lin Yuelan didnt explain much.

She only ordered them to get wooden sticks and ropes and prepare them based on her requirements.


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