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However, she underestimated the fear the villagers had for Lin Yuelan.

These people were dissatisfied and angry with Lin Yuelan behind her back, but when they really faced her, they were terrified.

She had also underestimated Lin Yuelans immunity to public pressure.

Therefore, at this moment, no one dared to stand up for Gu Sanniang and her daughter.

Lin Yuelan only watched and listened indifferently, unmoved.

However, Lin Yuelan was curious.

What would Ying Zi do when there was no one to support her

When the two of them saw Lin Yuelan appear, Ying Zi immediately said, “Lin Yuelan, I was wrong.

Can you please help my mother and me detoxify the poison” She immediately convicted Lin Yuelan of poisoning her.

Lin Yuelan didnt say anything.

She just put her hands in front of her chest, and the corners of her mouth slightly curved up.

Her face was also full of ridicule and sarcasm.

She was like a queen, which made Yingzi even more resentful, angry, and unwilling.

Since Lin Yuelan didnt say anything, Gu Sanniang spoke up, “Yuelan, this is all my fault.

If you want to punish someone, then punish me.

Ill bear all the punishment without any complaints.

But, my girl is innocent.

Please dont drag the innocent into this, okay

“Shes still young and hasnt gotten married yet.

She cant accept the punishment of disfigurement, so please give the girl the antidote.

I, as her mother, beg you.”

Gu Sanniangs words attracted the attention of the villagers.


No wonder Sanniang and her daughter had to cover their faces with a piece of cloth.

Their faces were disfigured.

It was fine for Gu Sanniang.

She was a widow.

She didnt need to marry.

But Ying Zi was so young.

If she was disfigured, who would dare to propose marriage in the future How could an unmarried woman with a disfigured face marry into a good family Her life would be ruined.

Therefore, they thought the jinxs punishment was too vicious.

Of course, the villagers only dared to curse Lin Yuelan in their hearts.

The previous examples taught them that they could offend anyone but the jinx.

Because they might die if they did.

Lin Jiu and the others had the same fate.

The villagers later realized their deaths had to do with the jinx.

Therefore, even though the timid villagers knew that Ying Zis disfigurement had something to do with Lin Yuelan, they were afraid to voice their dissatisfaction.

Lin Yuelan looked at Gu Sanniang and her daughter with a faint smile.

Then, she asked in confusion, “Gu Sanniang, Ying Zi, what are you talking about What antidote, what punishment And why are you kneeling in front of my house so early in the morning Whats the meaning of this”

‘Huh Based on what the jinx said, she didnt seem to be the poisoner.

Then, why would Sanniang and her daughter keep on hinting that they were poisoned by the jinx Not only were the surrounding villagers confused by Lin Yuelan, but even Gu Sanniang and her daughter were also a little confused.

This seemed to be completely different from what they had imagined.

In their expectation, as long as they begged Lin Yuelan for forgiveness, she would admit that she had poisoned them.

Then, she would cure them.

However, Lin Yuelan didnt admit that she had poisoned them.

In fact, she claimed that she didnt know anything about the poisoning.

Gu Sanniang and Ying Zi were stunned for a moment.

Ying Zi reacted quickly and cried, “sister Yuelan…”

“Stop,” Lin Yuelan stopped Ying Zi.

She said sternly, “I have no siblings, so please dont call me Sister Yuelan.

You can call me Lin Yuelan.” She didnt want Ying Zi as her sister.


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