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In order not to be disfigured, Ying Zi had no choice but to admit that she had drained Lin Yuelans field and planned to frame her eldest uncle, Lin Changmao.

When the truth was revealed, it simply shocked everyone.

No one would have thought that the well-behaved, smart, and sensible girl, in their eyes, was actually such a scheming and vicious child.

At that moment, everyones eyes on Ying Zi were no longer kind and friendly.

Everyone was worried that theyd be schemed against next.

The moment Ying Zi admitted to the matter, Gu Sanniangs entire body went limp.

She mumbled softly, “its over, its over, everything is over!” Then, she angrily shouted at Ying Zi, “what nonsense are you talking about It was clearly me who sabotaged her field.

Why do you have to take the blame on yourself” After yelling at her daughter, she then questioned Lin Yuelan resentfully, “It was me who drained your field.

Why did you force my daughter to admit what she didnt do What are your intentions”

In order to protect her daughters reputation, she had to sacrifice herself.

Otherwise, her daughters life might really be ruined.

Lin Yuelan sighed in her heart.

Gu Sanniangs reputation in the Lin family Village was neither good nor bad.

Even though she often had affairs after her husband passed away, she did it very discreetly.

When she was beaten by Lin Changmaos wife many years ago, it was said that it was for another reason and not cheating.

Lin Changmaos wife didnt want the family scandals to spread either.

Therefore, Gu Sanniang appeared shrewish, strong, and greedy to others.

However, the reason for her doing all this was to ensure that she and her child could live and not be bullied.

As such, Ying Zi was able to grow up safely and smoothly without being sold by her grandparents because she had her mother to protect her.

However, because she had protected and doted on Ying Zi too much, Ying Zi became an extremely selfish person.

Ying Zi had no bottom line.

Whether it was out of envy or jealousy, as long as there was someone better than her, she would want to destroy them.

At this moment, the mother sacrificed herself to protect her daughters reputation.

This kind of motherly love was indeed moving.

However, Lin Yuelan had been fighting for five years in the apocalypse without love, family, and friendship.

Her heart had long become cold and hard.

It was impossible for her to let them go just because of Gu Sanniangs selfless motherly love for her daughter.

From the moment she was betrayed in the apocalypse and was reborn in another world, she had been following the principle of taking revenge against anyone who wronged her.

So, since Ying Zi harmed her, she should be punished.

Lin Yuelan said, “Gu Sanniang, your selfless maternal love is indeed touching.

But, to tell you the truth, the one who poisoned you isnt me.

Do you know who it is”

The mother and daughter were immediately shocked.

Even the surrounding onlookers had the same surprised expression.

Before Gu Sanniang and the others could say anything, Lin Yuelan continued, “last night, the King of Hell came to my dream and told me that someone had drained my field.

“He said he had already sent his ghosts to take revenge.

The culprit had been poisoned.

He gave me the antidote because the culprit would need them from me.

He even specifically told me that the culprit must admit her mistake before I can give her the antidote.”

Suddenly, Lin Yuelan shouted into the air, “thank you!”

After that, the surrounding villagers felt a cold breeze on their backs.

Their hair stood on end, and they were horrified.

Lin Yuelan then turned to Gu Sanniang and said, “Auntie Gu, do you still want to insist that it was you who drained my fields water to frame Lin Changmaos family”


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