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Gu Sanniangs face turned pale.

If she admitted the crime, Lin Yuelan wouldnt give them the antidote.

Her daughters reputation would be saved, but she would still have the sores.

If she let Ying Zi admit the crime, Lin Yuelan would give them the antidote.

However, her daughters reputation would be ruined.

She didnt want either of these choices.

Gu Sanniang was so angry that blood rushed up, then she vomited and fainted.

After she fainted, she fell backward.

The cloth covering her face tilted to one side, and her face was instantly exposed.

“Ah!” After seeing the pus and blood on Gu Sanniangs face, some people, especially the women, were really frightened.

Her face was too terrifying.

Ying Zis expression changed when she saw her mother vomit blood and fall.


When she saw that everyone had seen her mothers face, she immediately shouted at Lin Yuelan in anger, “are you satisfied now!” The hatred in her eyes was intense.

Lin Yuelans sharp eyes looked at Ying Zi, and she said coldly, “you reap what you sow! Take this antidote.

Watch yourself.

You should know that there are always eyes watching for me.”

Her words were meant for both Ying Zi and the villagers.

After that, Lin Yuelan ignored the frightened expressions of the crowd and went into the house.

After Lin Yuelan disappeared, everyone looked at each other with their palms open, covered in a cold sweat.

It was too scary!

There were ghosts around them!

They had always thought that Lin Yuelans claim that the King of Hell had sent little devils to protect her was just a lie.

However, it was the truth! Anyone who tried to secretly harm Lin Yuelan would be taken revenge on!

In the future, they didnt dare to do anything in secret to harm Lin Yuelan anymore.

It was a small matter if the revenge was taken on themselves, but the scariest thing was the revenge would involve the whole family.

After thinking for a while, everyone left.

No one paid attention to the unconscious Gu Sanniang and the crying Ying Zi.

Therefore, no one noticed that the hatred in Ying Zis eyes was like the boiling lava in a volcano waiting to erupt at any moment.

From that day on, Ying Zi and her mothers lives were plunged into an abyss of suffering.

They were treated like vicious women everywhere they went.

The news of Gu Sanniangs affairs with men also spread.

The biggest news was she had slept with her cousin, Lin Changmao.

The news of Ying Zi draining the jinxs field to frame Lin Changmao also spread through the Lin Family Village.

When Lin Changmaos family heard this, they were angry and scared.

They were angry because they had been framed, but they were afraid because if Lin Yuelan had really taken revenge on them, then their seedlings would have died.

Then, how were they going to pay the government tax and eat for the rest of the year

The thought of the possible consequences was terrifying.

Fortunately, Lin Yuelan was perceptive and didnt blame them.

The more Lin Changmaos family thought about it, the angrier they became.

In the end, they couldnt take it anymore.

The whole family broke Gu Sanniangs house using poles and long sticks.

They didnt care that she was a widow with an orphan.

They smashed everything that could be smashed to vent their anger.

Lin Yuelan didnt care about the situation of Gu Sanniang and Ying Zi.

She was too busy.

While she was busy treating Lin Mingqing, she also had to check on the condition of the seedlings every day.

She also had to pay attention to the changes in the weather at all times.

Once there was rainy weather, she had to cover the fields.

Days passed, and soon, the seedlings had grown three to four leaves.

They could be transplanted into the paddy field from the nursery.

Fortunately, it didnt rain these days, which saved Lin Yuelan a lot of trouble.

Jiang Zhennan pulled out a seedling from the nursery and looked at the tender seedling that only had three leaves.

He asked with a look of disbelief, “Miss YueEr, is this really enough Arent you going to let them grow a little bigger and taller first”

Lin Yuelan nodded and said, “This is the best time to transplant them.

Once theyre in the field, theyll quickly take root.

If we let them grow a little bigger, we would have missed the best timing.

Then, we wont get the best yield.”


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