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Jiang Zhennan didnt quite understand it.

However, looking at the small and tender seedlings, he still had doubts in his heart.

‘Will this really work Will the yield be high this way

The seedlings had to be pulled to be transplanted.

Lin Yuelan gave them a demonstration.

She pulled up the seedlings from the field, washed the soil from the roots, and then tied them up with dry grass.

Little twelve asked curiously, “Miss Lin, why did you wash away the soil Wont the seeds die without soil Plus, why are you tying them up with dry grass”

Lin Yuelan explained to the curious children, “little twelve, how far is our field from the nursery.”

Little twelve said, “it will take at least half an hour to walk.”

Lin Yuelan nodded and replied, “yes, Ill answer the first question now.

The reason why Im washing away the soil is that itll lower the carrying weight.

That way, we can carry more seedlings at once.

Most importantly, washing away will help separate the roots from the leaves.

During the transplantation, you wont tear off the roots and leaves randomly, which will destroy the seedlings.

“About the second question.

Although these seedlings are young, they are actually very strong.

Even if they are not placed in water, they wont dry up unless we dry them under the sun.

“As for the third question, Baby Twelve, why do you think that is”

Hearing Lin Yuelan call him a baby, little twelve scratched the back of his head and blushed.

He said embarrassedly, “Miss Lin, Im not baby.

Im an adult now.

Why do you keep calling me baby”

Lin Yuelan would call himbaby every now and then.

He had been curious about it, and finally, he asked the question.

Lin Yuelan rolled her eyes and said, “because only a baby would be so curious and have so many questions.”

“Pfft!” The others couldnt help but laugh.

Little twelve was often calledbaby by Lin Yuelan, and so were the others.

So that was what she meant.

After Lin Yuelans demonstration, although the men were rough, they quickly got to work.

They did it faster and faster, and the more they did, the more energetic they became.

Lin Yuelan estimated that they would use the whole morning for the transplantation.

According to the labor force of five people who were unfamiliar with transplantation, they would plant around one Mu on the first day.

After they got familiar with it, they could finish the work of the five mu of land in one and a half days.

Lin Yuelan asked them to carry the pulled seedlings and two washbasins.

They also carried the ropes and the bamboo pieces.

Although they didnt know why Lin Yuelan asked them to bring these things, they obliged.

Because Lin Yuelan had bought the five mu of land in the Zhou Family Village, they had to pass by the village entrance.

Along the way, everyone saw Lin Yuelans group carrying things that looked like seedlings.

They were puzzled and curious, and at the same time, they felt that Lin Yuelans group had sinned to destroy the seedlings.

Of course, no one dared to stop them.

When they passed by the village entrance, they saw Lin Mingliang standing there.

When he saw Lin Yuelan and the others, he immediately went up to them.

However, when he saw Lin Yuelan and the things her group was carrying, he couldnt help but feel a little puzzled.

However, he said in a simple and honest manner, “LanEr, I heard that your family is planting seeds today.

My father asked me to come over and help.”

Lin Yuelan wanted to share her knowledge with the village chiefs family, so Lin Yuelan didnt reject the offer of help.

She nodded and said, “alright!”

After reaching their destination, Lin Yuelan looked at the flat land with sufficient water and nodded in satisfaction.

This time, there was no destruction.

Lin Yuelan saw a corner covered with ash.

Lin Yuelan had asked them to prepare this for the past few days.

In this era, there was no chemical fertilizer.

The only alternatives were human waste or ash.

Human waste would be too strong for seedlings at the transplantation stage.

Therefore, Lin Yuelan chose to use grass ash as a fertilizer first.


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