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Lin Yuelan said, “Ensure that there is sufficient water in the field.

When these seedlings are almost green, apply fertilizer.

Oh, right.”

As soon as they heard these words, Jiang Zhennan, Guo Bing, and the others had a bad feeling…

“In the future, the fertilizer we use will not be plant ash but human waste.

Im talking about…” Lin Yuelan said with a sly and teasing expression.

She smiled and said, “Human poop and urine.”

As soon as Lin Yuelan finished speaking, except for Jiang Zhennan, everyone else frowned as if they could smell the dirty things.

Guo Bing was a germaphobe.

When he thought of using human feces and urine to fertilize the seedlings, his face turned pale, and he asked with a trembling voice, “Miss Lin, is there no other fertilizer that can replace it For example, the plant ashes.

If theres not enough plant ash, we can burn more.

We dont even need to use the feces, right”

Although plant ash was dirty, it was much cleaner than that ** and urine.

Dealing with ash was his limit.

His brothers were all working in the field, so he couldnt just say that he didnt want to work because he thought the ash was dirty.

Besides, if he really did that, he was sure Lin Yuelan would make an example out of him.

For example, shed say if he didnt work, he wouldnt get to eat.

So, to prevent that, he had to roll up his sleeves and join the others to work.

Lin Yuelan looked at Guo Bings expression and curled her lips, and smiled evilly.

Her white teeth were so bright that they almost blinded everyone present.

However, after being with Lin Yuelan for so long, they were most afraid of seeing her smile.

This was because it meant that they were in trouble.

With a smile on her face, Lin Yuelan waved her finger in front of her and said, “no, my Lieutenant.

The transplanted seedlings need a lot of nutrients.

Only human or animal feces will do.

So if we want a good harvest, we must use human or animal feces as fertilizer next time.”

As soon as they heard it, except for Jiang Zhennan, who still had an expressionless face, the others faces looked as bitter and ugly as they could be.

However, what could they do They could only listen and do as they were told.

However, Guo Bing was still very unwilling to give up.

“Miss Lin, are there no other alternatives”

Lin Yuelan smiled and nodded.

“Yes, there is!”

Guo Bings eyes lit up.

“What is it”

“Chemicals!” Lin Yuelan replied.

A few of them were stunned.

“What is that”

Lin Yuelan said mysteriously, “hehe, why dont you guess” Of course, these people would have no idea what chemicals were.

Lin Yuelan left, leaving behind a group of confused people.

Guo Bing looked at the person who was walking away.

Then, he turned to Jiang Zhennan with curiosity and doubt.

“Boss, what kind of fertilizer is that Do you know”

Jiang Zhennan looked at Lin Yuelans petite and delicate back.

His sharp eyes narrowed slightly, and no emotions could be seen on his cold and indifferent face.

He knew that this was something that farmers used 2000 years later.

They wouldnt have it.

Jiang Zhennan coldly spat out a few words to Guo Bing, “I dont know.”

Then, with a mocking expression on his face, he said, “Guo Bing, my military counselor, my Lieutenant, you are known to be a capable person.

If you dont even know what something this, how would a boorish brute like me know”

Of course, Jiang Zhennan didnt mean this with malice.

This was just the way they talked to each other.

Guo Bing shrugged his shoulders and said, “General, youre kidding.

Before I met Miss Lin, I thought that few people in this world could compare to my knowledge and wisdom.

However, when compared to someone who knows astronomy, geography, martial arts, vaulting roofs, vaulting walls, doing business and cooking, medical and farming, Im nothing.”


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