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They knew that Lin Yuelan was hiding a huge secret, and they would keep this secret forever.

Unless Lin Yuelan revealed it herself one day, they would probably bring this secret to their coffins.

Therefore, they would only treat Lin Yuelan as an ordinary person and respect her.

There was an emotion in Jiang Zhennans eyes that ordinary people could not detect.

However, this emotion had nothing to do with love.

Instead, it seemed to be a natural sense of responsibility.

He knew that from the moment he had asked her to save them and bring them back to her place, she had been drawn into the power struggle of the imperial court.

What he had to do now was to become stronger and protect her safety and peace for the rest of her life.

‘Miss YueEr, dont worry.

I, Jiang Zhennan, will never betray you.

I will definitely protect you and never let anyone hurt you again! He touched the left side of his heart.

The seedlings had been planted, and Lin Mingqings treatment had reached the most critical moment.

At the village chiefs house, Lin Yuelan said to Lin Mingqing very sternly, “uncle Mingqing, the next step is the most important.

Uncle Mingqing, do you still remember what I said on the first day of your treatment”

Lin Mingqing had been sober at that time, so he remembered every word Lin Yuelan had said.

Lin Mingqing looked at Lin Yuelans face.

He replied with a serious expression, “I remember.

You said that during the treatment process, no matter what I see or hear, I must keep it to myself.

If I dont, youll punish me!”

Lin Yuelan didnt say anything.

Lin Mingqing continued, “LanEr, dont worry! Youre a very good doctor working with ordinary treatments.

Without you, my legs would have been rotten already.”

Lin Mingqing was telling Lin Yuelan that he had not seen or heard anything out of the ordinary.

Lin Yuelan could hear the bitterness in Lin Mingqings voice.

He was sad because Lin Yuelan didnt believe him.

Even though Lin Mingqing was not a big shot, he was a man who could tell the severity of the situation.

He valued friendship and his promises.

However, Lin Yuelan was still suspicious of him.

Lin Yuelan couldnt be faulted because no one was more important to her than Little Green.

For Little Greens sake, she had to get rid of any potential threat.

Lin Mingqing had saved Lin Yuelan but not Lin Xinlans life.

However, since she had taken over Lin Yuelans body, she had to pay her debts.

If she didnt clear her mind, the guilt might become her inner demon.

It would affect her special power in the future.

However, she could only do that under the premise that it wouldnt expose Little Green.

Lin Yuelan said seriously, “uncle Mingqing, I believe in your character.

But in order to protect my friends, I have to be careful.

Please forgive me! But,” Lin Yuelan said with a warning, “Uncle Mingqing, please remember this.

I can save people as easily as I can kill them.

I can destroy this village, destroy this town, and even destroy the world.

However, I just want to live in a peaceful corner of the world.

Therefore, when someone threatens that peace, I will not be kind to them!”

Lin Mingqing looked calm on the surface, but he was shocked in her heart.

Lin Yuelan had emphasized this again, so it must have a lot to do with the next step of his treatment.

However, he couldnt understand what kind of secret Lin Tuelan was hiding that she would threaten to massacre the world to keep it safe.

Lin Mingqing did not understand what was going on, but what happened next opened his eyes.


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