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In the end, he finally understood why Lin Yuelan had given him repeated warnings.

Lin Mingqing turned to Lin Yuelan and said, “LanEr, Uncle Mingqing only wants to protect the Lin family Village and everyone close to me.”

This meant that he wasnt interested in her secret at all.

He just wanted to be able to protect the Lin family Village and his family.

If he really broke his oath, then the Lin family Village and his family would be massacred, and he would have no complaints.

Lin Yuelans sharp eyes stared at Lin Mingqing for a while.

She didnt see him avoiding her gaze, only a certain determination, and calmness.

However, Lin Yuelans sharp and majestic aura was like a mountain pressing down on his back.

It made it difficult for him to breathe.

Just as he felt that he was about to suffocate to death, he suddenly could breathe again.

After Lin Yuelan retracted her aura and nodded, “Alright, Uncle Mingqing, you must remember what you said.” After that, she relaxed and said, “come on, lets start the treatment! Uncle Mingqing, please lie down first!”

Lin Mingqing did as he was told.

After that, Lin Yuelan placed her hand on his lumbar spine.

After a while, Lin Mingqing felt a warm current flowing through her body as usual.

This warm current was even stronger than before.

He knew that it was coming from Lin Yuelan, but it wasnt normal Qi.

Lin Yuelan looked at the green life force that was surrounding Lin Mingqings tailbone.

It was gradually increasing the growth of his bones.

However, the life force wasnt enough.

She had to do something, or they had to give up halfway.

Lin Yuelan immediately shouted, “Little Green!”

In an instant, Lin Mingqing, who was lying on the bed, had a shocked and incredulous look.

The bracelet on Lin Yuelans wrist slithered down like a snake.

Then, under Lin Mingqings shocked gaze, it slowly grew bigger and thicker.

Then, Lin Mingqing realized that it was not a snake but a green vine with a tender yellow bud and two palm-sized green leaves.

After that, he saw the vine, which was as agile as a snake, slither in front of him and say in a very tender voice, “uncle Mingqing, please open your mouth!”

Lin Mingqing opened his mouth obediently as if he was being controlled.

Then, he instantly felt a slippery thing enter his throat.

Although it didnt hurt, it was a little cold.

He felt the coldness slide to the warm current that was spinning around his tailbone.

It was hot and then cold.

Then, it was followed by intense pain.

Lin Yuelan saw Little Green enter Lin Mingqings body.

Then, Little Green used its two leaves to bring the upper and lower halves of the spine closer to each other.

During this process, Lin Yuelan released the life force to lessen the pain on Lin Mingqing.

In Lin Mingqings body, Little Green was busy.

Lin Yuelan worked with him from the outside.

Lin Mingqing had no idea how much time had passed.

He only knew that it was incredibly painful.

However, he gritted his teeth and held on, not letting himself faint.

This was because Lin Yuelan had said that he needed to be absolutely clear-headed for this treatment.

Only then would his bones be able to recover.

Although he didnt understand the meaning behind Lin Yuelans words, he knew that no matter how much pain he was in, he had to endure.

By the time Little Green emerged from Lin Mingqings body, the mass of life energy had lit up the whole room.

“Father, why did little brothers room suddenly light up”

Following Lin Mingliangs wifes shout, everyone saw that Lin Mingqings house suddenly became bright.

The light that glowed was green in color.

Lin Yiweis family was surprised by this sudden change.

They wondered what Lin Yuelan was doing that green light was suddenly glowing.

“Father, whats going on” Lin Mingliangs wife asked in a fearful voice.

This was because of the changes that had happened to Lin Yuelan over the past few months.

The villagers were going around calling her a monster.

If Lin Yuelan was really a demon, then was she using a demonic technique to treat her brother-in-law Or was she turning Lin Mingqing into a demon too In that case, would they have to live under the same roof with a demon in the future

At the thought of this possibility, Lin Mingliangs wife was afraid and nervous.

She shivered and asked in a daze, “father, mother, do you think the girl… is really a demon Otherwise, why…” Why would there suddenly be shots of green light coming out of Lin Mingqings room

After the initial shock, Lin Yiwei immediately calmed down.

However, when he heard his daughter-in-law call Lin Yuelan a demon, his face darkened, and he said sternly, “Shut up! What nonsense are you talking about You dont know whats going on inside, so how can you make such a preposterous claim”

Lin Mingliang glared at his wife and said, “LanEr is a good person.

She would never harm brother! In the future, you mustnt say such things again!”

If her words were heard by outsiders, then the villagers would have evidence that Lin Yuelan was a demon.

But Lin Yuelan was clearly a good person.

Even if she was a demon, she was a good demon.

After being reprimanded by her father-in-law and her husband, Lin Mingliangs wife was not convinced and afraid, but she could only shrink to the side and wait quietly.

Jiang Zhennan knew that it was the most critical moment in Lin Mingqings treatment that day, so he wanted to take a look at the situation.

However, just as he raised his hand and was about to knock on the door, with his profound internal Qi, he instantly heard Lin Mingliangs wifes accusation.

He lowered his hand and thought to himself.

Then he turned around and left.

When little green came out of Lin Mingqings body, he released his energy and lit up the entire house.

He couldnt do this inside Lin Mingqings body, or it would have crazy growth.

Therefore, he had to do it after he exited Lin Mingqings body.

It was why the room lit up like a light show.

Throughout this whole period, Lin Mingqing didnt close his eyes.


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