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Jiang Zhennans cold face had a smile on it as he said, “Little Green, youre very cute!”

Then, under the gazes of the three people, Little Greens originally tender yellow bud quickly turned pink.

As time passed, Lin Mingqing slowly recovered from his shock.

He finally understood why LanEr had threatened him earlier.

Who would have thought that the bracelet that Lin Yuelan usually wore was actually a living vine that could change in size and talk

Such a sentient being would probably be a shock to anyone.

Lin Yuelan looked at Lin Mingqings expression.

Other than shock, there was not much panic, fear, or greed.

A glint flashed in her eyes.

She smiled at Lin Mingqing and said, “uncle Mingqing, let me introduce you.

This is my little friend, Little Green.

He accompanied me back from the King of Hells place.

Its thanks to him that I can get close to the animals in the mountains!”

The rooms soundproofing wasnt very good, but Lin Yuelan had secretly used her special ability to block their voices from traveling outside.

Lin Yuelan tried her explanation to explain Little Greens existence to Lin Mingqing.

When Lin Mingqing heard that Little Green was a gift from the King of Hell, he immediately understood.

Previously, he had always heard about the miraculous encounters of Lin Yuelan, but he didnt expect to see an actual miracle with his own eyes.

Lin Mingqing looked at Little Green and smiled.

“Hello, Little Green!” He greeted him in a friendly manner.

Little Green nodded in a friendly manner and replied, “Hello, uncle Mingqing!”

After Little Green greeted him, Lin Yuelan said seriously, “uncle Mingqing, its mostly Little Greens credit that your legs are healed.

If it wasnt for Little Green, no matter how good my medical skills are, its impossible for me to heal a person who has broken his spine.” She hoped that this would prevent Lin Mingqing from being ungrateful.

Lin Mingqing was a scholar, so he was smart.

He was a kind and righteous scholar.

His nature hadnt changed.

He was not an ungrateful villain!

Lin Mingqing looked at Little Green gratefully and said, “thank you, Little Green!” He had not seen anything like Little Green before.

He would keep Lin Yuelan and little Greens secret.

This was a promise he had made.

Lin Yuelan was satisfied with Lin Mingqings attitude.

Lin Yuelan said to Lin Mingqing gratefully, “thank you, uncle Mingqing!”

As long as Lin Mingqing did not betray Little Green, she would always protect his family, even the Lin family Village.

However, her host had suffered a lot in this village, and Lin Yuelan would take revenge on all of them one by one.

Lin Yuelan used her special ability to observe the growth of the bone in Lin Mingqings body.

Then, she said to Lin Mingqing, “uncle Mingqing, you may have to lie down for longer than last time.

You need to be careful, but you can move more freely this time.” This meant that Lin Mingqing didnt need to rely that much on diapers any more.

When Lin Mingqing heard this, his eyes immediately lit up, and he was happy.

He did not know what to say.

“Thank you!” was all he managed.

After 15 minutes, Lin Yuelan and Jiang Zhennan came out.

Once they left, the green glow disappeared from the room.

Instead, Jiang Zhennan came out holding the glowing stones.

Lin Mingliangs wife was relieved because this meant that Lin Yuelan wasnt a demon.

Lin Yuelan told the village chiefs family some details to pay attention to, and then she left with Jiang Zhennan.

After Lin Yuelan left, Lin Yiweis eyes were filled with tears.

That was because Lin Yuelan said to him, “Uncle Mingqing should be able to stand up after this treatment.

Grandpa Village Chief, hell have to rely on you and your family a lot during that physical recovery period.”


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