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But after thinking for a while, he said, “no, Ill go and get uncle An.

Ill get Mingliang to invite Lin Laosan over, and you can go and get Lin Laoliu.”

Lin Mingliang and his wife were working in the fields, but they were not far from the village.

When they reached the village entrance, they could hear the shouting.

Lin Yiwei was worried that Lin Laosan would not come if he knew that this was something bad for him.

Therefore, Lin Laosan had his sons invite him.

They were tall and strong.

If Lin Laosans family was unwilling to come, then…

Zhou Xiaoliu walked into the courtyard of the village chiefs house with an uneasy heart.

When she saw Lin Yuelan drinking tea in the courtyard, her face immediately turned pale, and she was very afraid.

She pretended to be calm and said in a flustered tone, “you… Why are you here”

Zhou Xiaoliu was still very afraid of Lin Yuelan.

Lin Yuelan shrugged and smiled at Zhou Xiaoliu.

“Auntie Zhou, why cant I be here” Lin Yuelan didnt hate Zhou Xiaoliu, but she disliked her cowardice.

If she had said something back then, then the host wouldnt have to suffer for so long.

Zhou Xiaoliu immediately shrank to the side in fear and stopped talking.

However, when she saw Lin Mingqing looking at her, she felt guilty.

The three of them didnt say anything, and the atmosphere was tense until Lin Yiwei returned with the only elder left, Lin An.

“QingEr, I heard that youll be able to stand up soon.

Is that true” Lin An asked curiously.

Lin Mingqing smiled at Lin An gently.

“Yes, Grandpa An.

LanEr has cured my legs.

Ill be able to stand soon.”

It was no secret in the Lin family Village that Lin Yuelan had treated Lin Mingqings legs.

Therefore, Lin Mingqing naturally gave credit to Lin Yuelan.

“Really” Lin An asked in surprise.

“LanEr, youre so kind.” He had also heard that the girl had vowed to cure QingErs legs.

Therefore, she had worked hard to learn medicine from the only doctor in the village, Doctor Zhang.

Recently there had been a constant flow of good news from the village chiefs house.

In fact, he had seen QingEr around the village in his wheelchair.

When Lin Yuelan heard Lin An words, she said humbly, “great-grandfather An, I am merely doing my best.

I also didnt think Id be able to heal Uncle Mingqing.”

Lin An stroked his long white beard and smiled.

“Not bad.”

Soon, Lin Laosan and Lin Laoliu also arrived at the village chiefs house.

However, Lin Laosan was at a loss as to why Lin Yiwei had suddenly summoned him.

This was his fault.

Ever since their family had been marked as the jinx, the villagers had all stayed away from them, afraid that they would be in trouble if they were involved.

As soon as Lin Laosan came in, he saw the village chief and asked, “Lin Yiwei, why did you call me so urgently all of a sudden” However, before Lin Yiwei could answer, he immediately glanced at Lin Yuelan who was sitting by the table in the courtyard.

His face immediately darkened and he asked sternly, “why are you here, you wretched girl”

Lin Yuelan raised her eyebrows and said provocatively, “Elder San, why cant I be here Im here for the same reason you are here.” Then, she sized up Lin Laosan and sneered.

“I havent seen you for a while.

You look a little haggard.

You havent been doing anything against your conscience, right Something like plotting a murder”

Her words were obviously disrespectful and rude to her elders.

But at this moment, no one criticized her.

Lin Laosans pupils shrank when he heard Lin Yuelan.

His expression changed, and he immediately shouted at Lin Yuelan angrily, “How dare you! Do you have any manners Dont you have any elders to teach you Even if Im not your grandfather, you still have to be polite to me.”

Being ridiculed and provoked by a junior in front of so many people made Lin Laosan feel extremely embarrassed.

Therefore, he turned on Lin Yuelan.

He was so mad that he didnt notice the hint about a murder plot.

Lin Yuelan sneered and said mockingly, “Elder San, youre seriously lecturing me about manners Have you forgotten what you did to me If I have no manner, whose fault is it” She was his granddaughter in the past, so if she had no manners, it was his fault.

Lin Laosan was choked.

When he scolded Lin Yuelan, he scolded himself too.

For a moment, Lin Laosan was so angry that his face turned red and then green.

Instead of lecturing Lin Yuelan, he turned to Lin Yiwei and said angrily, “Lin Yiwei, why did you look for me Its planting season, and Im very busy.

I dont have so much time to waste here.” Most importantly, being together with this wretched girl made his hair stand on end, and he felt very uncomfortable.

Lin Yiweis face turned as cold as ice when he heard Lin Laosans impatient tone.

He said, “LanEr is here to talk about how your family has committed murder.”


Lin Laosans expression changed, and he immediately felt that something was wrong.

He blurted out, “what murder Lin Yiwei, dont think that you can slander others as you please just because you are the chief.

Dont slander me if you dont have evidence, or I will bring you to court.”

Lin Laoliu heard some rumors before he came.

When he heard Lin Laosan, he frowned slightly and moved his mouth, but in the end, he did not say anything.

However, Lin Yuelan said coldly, “Is Grandpa Village Chief slandering you Elder San, I dont think so.

“You shut up!”



The first one was Lin Laosans roar.

The sound in the middle was the sound of Jiang Zhennan carrying the fat Lin Daniu and throwing him into the courtyard.

The last sound was Lin Laosans surprised cry.

Lin Yuelan raised her eyebrows and turned to Jiang Zhennan.

She asked, “Whats going on”

When Jiang Zhennan realized that Lin Yuelan was finally talking to him, his mood immediately became better, and there was a faint excitement on his face.

Jiang Zhennans sharp eyes shot towards Lin Daniu, who was lying on the ground, and he said coldly, “I saw this person carrying the bag and trying to sneak away.

I thought about the rumors I just heard, so just in case, I carried him here.”

Lin Laosan suddenly realized that something was wrong.

He asked blankly, “what rumor”


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