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The still water runs deep.

Normally, Lin Laosan was a simple and honest man who kept quiet as he worked in the fields and smoked.

However, the mans heart was ruthless.

He wanted to kill his own granddaughter.

But that was not the worst.

He ordered his son to kill his daughter.

And he watched from the side.

Many people had heard about Lin Laosans ruthlessness, cruelty, and heartlessness three years ago!

However, it was still a shock to hear Lin Laosan admit it in person.

And it seemed like Lin Mingqings incident was also related to Lin Laosans family too.

There was another clapping.

It was Lin Yuelan again.

She chuckled, “Well said.

Elder San, we have to remove all tragedies, right” Lin Yuelan was talking about Lin Laosans family but the man didnt get it.

He raised his head arrogantly and replied, “of course.”

As soon as he agreed, Lin Yuelans expression immediately turned cold and she said sharply, “Perfect.

Were all gathered here to do exactly that.”

Lin Laosan felt that something was wrong.

He shouted angrily, “what do you mean by that”

“What do we mean” Lin Yiweis face darkened and he said coldly, “You still dont want to admit what you did to my QingEr three years ago”

Lin Mingqings accident was brought up again.

The uneasiness returned.

Lin Laosan shouted to hide his guilt, “What does Lin Mingqings incident three years ago have to do with me”

“Thats right.

What does that have to do with us Why did you bring me here too” Lin Daniu stood up from the ground.

Just like Lin Laosan, he used his loud voice to hide his fear and guilt.

Lin Danius face was pale, but he tried his best to keep his composure.

However, his clenched fists, the panic in his eyes, and the fear on his face belied his uneasiness and guilt.

Lin Daniu was originally loitering around in the village when suddenly, there was a commotion on the road.

He saw the village chiefs wife grabbing Lin Changxings wife.

Like the other villagers, he went to watch the show too.

He was as busybody as a woman.

Furthermore, he wouldnt mind getting close to some of the beautiful women in the village.

After all, his favorite hobby was sleeping around.

With that thought in mind, Lin Daniu joined the crowd of women and purposely brushed his body close to them.

However, as soon as he arrived, everyone distanced themselves from him.

Everyone in the village knew that Lin Laosans family was a family of jinx.

Furthermore, Lin Daniu was lecherous, shameless, and despicable.

He even dared to hook up with his sister-in-law.

This kind of scandal had already spread throughout the Lin Family village.

Hence, Lin Daniu was even more hated and disdained by everyone.

Now that Lin Daniu had gotten closer, all the women avoided him like he was the plague.

However, Lin Daniu was thick-skinned.

He stuck to the crowd and asked Lin Changmins wife, “What is happening Why is Auntie Zhou dragging Changxings wife” Auntie Zhou was Lin Yiweis wife.

Lin Changmin and Lin Changxin were brothers so the two sisters-in-law were quite close.

When she saw Lin Daniu, she was quite furious.

“Lin Daniu, how can you ask that If you didnt harm Lin Mingqing, would Auntie Zhou drag my sister-in-law to be a witness”

Lin Daniu was confused.

He asked, “what witness”

She did not answer him.

However, his sharp mind put everything together.

He was shocked and his face turned pale.

His first reaction was that what he had done three years ago had been exposed.

He wanted to escape.

He needed to escape.


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