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“Also, three years ago, were you the one who gave my horse a manic drug Tell me, was it you”

Whether it was at home or outside, Zhou Qiuju always gave face to her husband, Lin Yiwei.

This time, after dragging the witness back home, she also handed everything to her husband to handle even though she was furious, and this involved the truth behind her youngest sons accident.

However, Li Cuihua and Li Hehua had come to her home to cause trouble.

The anger that she had been holding back aimed at Li Cuihua.

Li Cuihua and Li Hehua were shocked by Zhou Qiujus aggression.

They had no idea Lin Daniu and Lin Laosan were actually dragged there because of this.

Li Cuihuas eyes were filled with panic and anxiety.

However, no matter how stupid she was, she knew that they couldnt admit to this.

Otherwise, the punishment waiting for them was very likely to be imprisonment.

Li Cuihuas eyes were spitting fire at Zhou Qiuju.

She retorted loudly, “Zhou Qiuju, dont even think about making false accusations! Is there any evidence to prove that we are involved in Lin Mingqings accident!”

Li Cuihua believed that since the village chiefs family hadnt found anything three years ago, it was unlikely that they would find anything three years later.

Lin Yiwei suddenly shouted sternly, “Lin Laosan, Li Cuihua, Lin Daniu, since you are brought here, of course, we have evidence.

Lin Laosan, are you still not going to admit the truth”

Lin Yiwei wanted to give them a chance.

As long as Lin Laosan and Lin Daniu admitted that they had something to do with the incident three years ago, he would forgive them and not send them to the authorities.

However, if Lin Laosan and the others insisted that they were innocent…

Lin Yiwei was not a blind person.

When Lin Laosan and the others heard Lin Yiwei say that he had evidence, their hearts thumped, and they had a very bad feeling.

However, they were still hoping for a fluke.

They had the same thoughts as Li Cuihua.

Since nothing was found three years ago, why would the evidence suddenly pop up now

He was sure that Lin Yiwei was lying to them.

His purpose was to get them to surrender.

But he would never do that because of the severe consequences.

Lin Laosan shouted angrily, “Lin Yiwei, Ive already said it.

Dont make false accusations.

Since you say you have evidence, then show me the evidence first.

Otherwise, youre threatening me and slandering me!”

Lin Yiweis face turned livid with anger.

He pointed at Lin Laosan and said, “Well done, Lin Laosan.

Since you want to choose death, then Ill oblige.

Changxings wife, tell us, what did you see and hear at that time”

Lin Yiwei turned around and asked Zhou Xiaoliu, who had her head lowered and was silent the whole time.

Lin Laosans family heard this ,and they shivered.

Zhou Xiaoliu was the new witness.

Lin Daniu was so scared that he almost went limp, but his wife was holding him up.

His face was pale, and his eyes were sharp as he stared at Zhou Xiaoliu as if he couldnt believe it.

When Lin Laosan heard this, he panicked, but he quickly calmed himself down.

After that, he looked at Zhou Xiaoliu fiercely and said in a profound tone, “Changxings wife, a few days ago, my fourth daughter-in-law did talk to Changxing, but is it necessary for you to take revenge on my family like this Why did you come here and make false testimony for everyone”

Lin Laosan was indeed the head of the Lin Family.

He moved in for the kill.

Before Zhou Xiaoliu could say anything, he claimed that Zhou Xiaoliu was doing this purely for revenge.

So, what she said was a lie and could not be trusted.

Lin Yiwei frowned and stared at Lin Laosan with a sharp gaze.

‘This Lin Laosan is really cunning.

Lin Yiwei asked with a dignified smile, “Lin Laosan, do you mean that Changxings wife came to make a fake witness statement to take revenge on you”

Lin Laosan sneered, “Isnt that obvious Yesterday, Changxing met my fourth daughter-in-law and said a few words to her, but this woman bears a grudge.

So, she decides to bring up the incident from three years ago today.

Why else is she doing it now Why didnt she come out to speak three years ago If its not revenge, what is it”

Zhou Xiaolius face turned pale.

She shook her head and tried to defend herself, “I didnt.”

However, Lin Laosan did not believe her at all.

He looked at her with disdain.

“Hmph, really Then tell me, what did you see and hear three years ago Why didnt you stand up and say anything then”

These questions were very sharp for Zhou Xiaoliu.

Three years ago, she didnt say anything because she was afraid of revenge.

But now, was she not afraid of revenge anymore Would anyone believe her How was she supposed to explain this

Therefore, Zhou Xiaoliu was in a difficult position.

She did not know how to answer Lin Laosan.

Zhou Xiaolius silence made many people think that Lin Laosan was right.

Zhou Xiaolius sudden declaration to testify about what happened three years ago was probably to take revenge for what happened yesterday.

Lin Yiweis expression was dark.

Lin Laosan was really a cunning old fox.

It was better if they had more witnesses or other evidence, but they only had one witness, Zhou Xiaoliu, and no other evidence.

Lin Laosan had already compromised her by painting her as a vengeful woman who was only doing this to take revenge on Lin Laosans family because she was jealous that her husband talked to Lin Laosans fourth daughter-in-law.

In this way, the credibility of Zhou Xiaolius testimony was very low.

Lin Yiwei tightly pinched his wrinkled forehead, not knowing what to do.

Another wave of slapping sounds rang out, and everyone seemed to reflexively look toward Lin Yuelan.

Again, she was clapping.

Then, she said, “Not bad.

Elder San is indeed the head of the family.

He is smart and cunning, instantly turning the unfavorable situation into a very favorable one for himself.

But…” Lin Yuelan shifted tact and said, “have you forgotten that Uncle Lin Daniu personally admitted the truth just now”

Lin Daniu panicked and hurriedly shouted, “You jinx, what nonsense are you talking about When did I ever admit the truth”


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