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His eyebrows were sharp and straight, and although his facial features were not perfect, they were just right when put together.

He was handsome and tough, but with a hint of fierceness.

He had an air of dignity and respect.

It could be said that ever since Jiang Zhennan had regained his looks, he had immediately attracted the innocent hearts of the unmarried women in the Lin family Village.

Some of the bolder ones would create coincidences for them to meet, hoping that they would get Jiang Zhennans favor.

In fact, whether it was Jiang Zhennans figure or appearance, or his sharp aura, he attracted even the widows heart.

Jiang Zhennan looked like a man full of strength.

Plus, he was only in his twenties.

He was perfect for widows who wanted to remarry.

Therefore, once Jiang Zhennans scar was gone, he turned from a scary masked man to a popular man among women.

From time to time, a handkerchief would fall in front of him, and some bolder women would deliberately fall down around him.

Then, they would naturally fall into the arms of Jiang Zhennan, who was passing by.

However, Jiang Zhennan was cold and fierce.

He didnt care for these acts.

He didnt have the slightest bit of tenderness towards women.

Therefore, these women got nothing from Jiang Zhennan.

Some took the hint, but others saw this as a challenge.

After all, there were not many men who could resist the allure of a seductive woman.

Even a married man sometimes fell for such seduction.

Jiang Zhennan had both looks and abilities.

Any woman who married him would be happy.

Therefore, when Li Cuihua scolded Jiang Zhennan, some women immediately jumped to his rescue.

“I say, auntie, it was your familys Daniu who was being unreasonable and scolding Yuelan.

Young Master Nan cant stand it, and its reasonable for him to teach Daniu a lesson.

After all, everyone knows that young master Nan and Yuelan are friends.”

Surprisingly, it was Liu Liujiao who said this.

Liu Liujiao wasnt a widow, but deep down, she was a promiscuous woman.

Her husband wasnt dead, and she had a child, so she didnt dare to seduce a man openly.

However, she wouldnt mind flirting with men.

Her downfall was that Liu Liujiao had a big mouth.

Whenever a man complained to her about his wife, she would immediately spread the word to the whole village.

Therefore, not many men dared to talk to her for fear that it would cause a family conflict.

So, any man with a family would stay away from Liu Liujiao.

With the enmity between Lin Yuelan and Liu Liujiao, the latter should hate Jiang Zhennan, but Jiang Zhennans manly charm always managed to make Liu Liujiaos heart beat restlessly.

Therefore, when she heard Li Cuihua scolding Jiang Zhennan, she immediately came out to defend him.

However, what Liu Liujiao didnt notice was that when she was speaking up for Jiang Zhennan, Lin Yuelan looked at her and frowned slightly.

Her brows then relaxed, but her eyes were staring at Jiang Zhennan with a subtle look.

When Jiang Zhennan received Lin Yuelans gaze, he was immediately pleasantly surprised.

‘Is Miss YueEr worried about me

Clearly, that was not right.

“Thats right, Daniu said so many things about Yuelan before so many people.

He even called her a mother**er, but whose fault was that Daniu is Yuelans uncle, and even if hes not, an elder shouldnt talk to his junior like this.

Therefore, he deserves the slap.” This was said by a single woman.

Even though Jiang Zhennan was an outsider, once he married a local, he would stay.

He was a catch.


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