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“Lin Erniu continued,You must know that as long as that girl is still alive, Dazong will be cursed and continue to fail.

“Lin Daniu said,but what can we do now Theyve already saved that girl.

Its impossible to kill her now.

”No, big brother, theres still a possibility! Lin Erniu replied.

“Lin Daniu was shocked and asked,what do you mean

“Lin Erniu looked around at the pitch-black surroundings and said mysteriously,Didnt Lin Yiwei and his son want to save that girl As long as something happens to either of them, we can push the blame on that wretched girl and say that she jinxed them.

Then, be it Lin Yiwei or Lin Ming Qing, they will definitely hate that girl.

By then, we dont even have to do anything, and they will kill that girl.

“When Lin Daniu heard this, he shook his head in fear.

‘No, no, I cant do this! If the authorities investigate this, well have to go to jail. He was a little smart, but he was not impulsive to commit a serious crime like murder.

“However, Lin Erniu continued to persuade him,no, big brother.

I dont mean we should take their lives.

I just want to teach them a little lesson.

As long as we do it properly, no one will suspect us.

‘For one, we can teach the nosy father and son a lesson.

For two, we can use their hands to kill that girl.

Its killing two birds with one stone, brother!

“Hearing this, Lin Daniu fell silent for a moment.

Then, he said,second brother, how do you plan to do this

“Lin Ernius face lit up with joy.

Then, he said,big brother, isnt Lin Mingqing going to the Imperial Academy tomorrow As long as we do something to his horse or the route hell take, hell naturally get into an accident.

“However, Lin Daniu frowned and asked worriedly,second brother, will this really not kill anyone It would be fine if the person were only injured, but if someone died and someone found any clues, he would have to pay with his life.

He did not want to take such a risk.

“Lin Erniu mumbled,big brother, dont worry.

Im just teaching Lin Mingqing a lesson.

He definitely wont die.

Actually, the most important thing is… Lin Erniu lowered his voice slightly,if Lin Mingqing falls from the carriage, breaks a leg, or disfigures his face, then his status as a scholar will also be removed.

At that time, in the entire Lin family Village, Dazong will be the only scholar.

Big Brother, dont you want that

‘You also know that the teachers have praised Dazong a lot for his talents.

He will make us proud.

However, there is already a scholar in the village.

Hell always be in Dazongs way.

Big brother, will you accept that

“Of course, Lin Daniu would not.

Lin Daniu thought about how his youngest son would become the most successful person in the surrounding villages.

He would then face everyones envious gazes because he was the scholars father.

“As that image appeared in his mind, Lin Daniu threw all his worries to the back of his mind.

He immediately asked excitedly,second brother, what shall we do

“Lin Erniu said, “We have to drug Lin Yis horse before dawn.

Then, we have to dig a hole on the road to the town.

When the horse goes crazy and theres a hole in the road, I believe his carriage will flip over.

Then, Lin Mingqing will get in an accident.

“After that, they assigned their jobs and went their separate ways.

“Not long after they left, I was so scared that I immediately ran home.

The next day, I heard that Lin Mingqing had gotten into a car accident.

He broke her waist and legs.

I was very scared.

“However, after the incident, the village chief did investigate this matter but…”

“The itch, ou ao i is lay (The bitch, Zhou Xiaoliu) is lying!” Lin Daniu was lying on the ground, his face red and swollen like a pigs head.

Despite his broken teeth, he was still cursing Zhou Xiaoliu.


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