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However, he was not willing to give up just like that.

It was all this girls fault for being too sinister and cunning.

If she hadnt been luring him, he wouldnt have said those words at all.

“Lin Yuelan, you jinx! For as long as you live, you will jinx us! Why didnt you die three years ago” Lin Erniu shouted.

Jiang Zhennan gave him a heavy slap on the face.

The loud voice reverberated in the courtyard.

Lin Danius slap had caused blood and a few teeth to fall out.

Now, Lin Ernius mouth was also full of blood.

However, he was physically stronger than his older brother, who did not work.

He was not knocked to the ground by Jiang Zhennans one slap.

Lin Laosan was furious that his two sons were beaten by the same person.

He shouted angrily, “who the hell are you How dare you hit my sons”

Lin Yiwei, who knew Jiang Zhennans identity, was immediately scared, and his face turned pale.

Lin Laosan had insulted the God of War.

If Jiang Zhennan was angry, the whole village might be implicated.

Lin Yiwei immediately shouted at Lin Laosan, “who are you to shout at our guest like that” Then, he turned to Jiang Zhennan apologetically and said very sincerely, “Young Master Jiang… Young master Nan, Lin Sandou has been muddled by anger.

Please forgive him!”

Jiang Zhennan nodded slightly at Lin Yiwei, then said to Lin Laosan, “As the head of the family, you have bred a family of selfish, sinister, and vicious people.

If theres no punishment for you, the heavens will not tolerate it!”

Jiang Zhennan had always been silent towards others.

He was only talkative around Lin Yuelan.

Now, he had spoken up because this involved Lin Yuelan.

Back then, as her biological grandfather, Lin Laosan had demanded Lin Yuelans biological father kill his own daughter.

It was rare to see such a cold-blooded and ruthless family.

Therefore, Jiang Zhennan believed all the blame fell on the shoulders of Lin Laosan.

He was the head of the family.

Jiang Zhennans rude words caused Lin Sandous face to turn green with anger.

As he was about to retort, Lin An immediately rebuked and warned him, “Lin Sandou, mind your words!”

Lin Laosan opened his mouth, but in the end, he could only purse his lips and not say anything.

“Three years ago, the three of them were involved in the plot against me.

Now that the truth has been revealed, they deserve to be punished for their actions.

According to the laws of the Dragon Lan Kingdom, those who deliberately hurt others and attempt to murder someone should be sentenced to at least ten years in prison.

Therefore, if the three of them were to be sent to court and judged by the officials, three of them would definitely be imprisoned.

They will be sentenced to at least five years in prison.” Lin Mingqing, who had been sitting calmly in his wheelchair, suddenly spoke.

And the words that came out of his mouth shocked everyone.

The three criminals were terrified.

If Lin Yiwei and Lin Mingqing insisted on sending them to the authorities, then it was obvious that they would face imprisonment.

They had to stay in prison for five to ten years and be controlled by the bailiffs.

They would be whipped and bullied by the other prisoners.

They had no freedom, no food, no clothes, and no warmth.

It was terrifying to think about such a dark life.

Plus, there was no telling if they could even leave the prison.

No, they couldnt be sent to court.

“However, since were all from the same village, I think we can give them a chance.” Lin Mingqing paused for a moment as if for suspense.

This gave Lin Laosans family hope.

Lin Mingqing looked at Lin Yuelan.

At that moment, she immediately understood what Lin Mingqing wanted to do.


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