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Jiang Zhennan could tell that Lin Yuelans wine was more mellow and flavorful than the wine offered by the palace from the Western regions.

He praised, “Miss YueEr, this wine of yours is more fragrant than any wine Ive ever drunk.”

Lin Yuelan only smiled and asked, “masked uncle, how much do you think a jar of my wine would be worth if it were to be sold to the capital”

As soon as Lin Yuelans words fell, the atmosphere suddenly became quiet.

What did she mean

Was she going to sell the wine to the capital

Jiang Zhennan did not say anything.

However, Guo Bing was the first to react after his surprise.

He asked sternly, “Miss Lin, do you mean that you want to sell this wine to the capital”

Lin Yuelan nodded and said, “thats right!”

Everyone looked at Lin Yuelan in surprise and silence.

How could her ambitions be so big

A little farmers daughter actually wanted to sell such a rare and precious wine in the capital.

The wine was rare even in the capital.

She was a peasant woman with no background.

It was very likely that she would be crushed before she could even open her business in the capital.

Well, Lin Yuelan was technically no longer a peasant girl without any background.

She now had a very powerful backer, and that was the defender-general of the kingdom, Jiang Zhennan.

With the defender generals protection, Lin Yuelan could open her shop in the capital.

Plus, with her own ability, she could look after herself.

Lin Yuelan looked at them and said, “as you all know, wine is a symbol of status.

Ordinary people cant enjoy it.

Only by selling it to the capital can its value be fully displayed.

The others all nodded.

That was true.

The inferior wine offered by the Western regions was hidden by the nobles in the palace like a precious treasure.

Lin Yuelan was the only person who knew how to brew wine in Long Yan Country.

She had control of the market.

The wine was very precious.

Lin Yuelan continued, “I wont sell this wine at a low price.

Ill only sell it on a high-end market.” The wine that was brewed with her spring water couldnt be sold cheap anyway.

“So, can you guys evaluate the value of this jar of wine”

Little three, little six, and little twelve could not offer much help.

Guo Bing tasted the wine again and said seriously, “at least 300 taels!”

Little three was shocked when he heard that.

‘How can it be that expensive The jar only weighs five catties, but it can be sold for three hundred taels The profit margin is really high!

Lin Yuelan didnt confirm or deny it but just looked at Guo Bing quietly, waiting for him to continue.

Guo Bing said very seriously, “the most expensive wine in the capital now is the peach wine and the 30-year-old Nv Er Hong from the Xiao Yao winery.

The peach blossom wine is two hundred taels a jar, and the thirty-year-old Nv Er Hong is two hundred and fifty taels a jar.

“However, in the capital city, Xiao Yao winery is not the only place that knows how to brew peach wine and Nv Er Hong.

The wines from Xiao Yao winery are the best, but they are not exclusive.

“However, your wine is exclusive because no one else will be able to replicate it.

“Who would have thought that the ingredients of this wine came from purple crystal fruit The wine tastes too different from the fruits.

If people knew, they would start brewing this themselves.

“Therefore, the price for this wine will naturally be high.

“His Majesty also has a special liking for wine, so he had the Royal winemakers try to brew it.

However, without the knowledge of the raw materials and the methods, they cannot figure out the process.

“The nobles in the palace also saw the chance to appease his Majesty.

They employed many winemakers to analyze the wine component.

Unfortunately, no one succeeded.”


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