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Touched, manager Li said, “Okay, I got it.”

Then, he rushed to his room.

Lin Yuelan knew that he wanted his wife to drink this wine as soon as possible.

Lin Yuelan was a little touched by their unwavering loyalty and sincere relationship.

They had no children, so they supported each other for more than 30 years.

Even if Li Huaisheng had to empty his savings to save his wife, he had no regrets.

After a while, manager Li came out again.

After he adjusted himself, Lin Yuelan asked, “Uncle Li, hows the business in the shop recently”

“YueEr, you should ask me about that.” Liu Jiaying, who was sitting at the side, immediately interjected, “uncle Lis shop is doing very well now.

There is an endless stream of customers every day.

People are fighting crazily for clothes.

Many young ladies and young masters of the big families send their manservants and maidservants to line up in front of the shop.”

After knowing that these clothes were designed by Lin Yuelan, Liu Jiaying paid a lot of attention to this shop.

Therefore, she knew whether the business was good or not.

She continued, “Yuelan, you dont know this, but every time the Heiresses from rich families meet, they would ask if the other had bought the latest clothes from this place.

Those who did would show the clothes off for the whole day.

The others would swear that they would get the clothes the next day.

This is simply crazy.

As the daughter of a rich family in the town, Liu Jiaying was clear about all this.

Fortunately, she didnt have to worry about the fighting because Lin Yuelan would design a set of unique new clothes for her every month.

Others were envious of her.

Liu Jiaying didnt know that Lin Yuelan owned Lin Yue Pavilion, so she interjected Manager Li.

She then smiled at manager Li and said, “Uncle Li, you really have a good eye for talent! I cant believe you managed to find Yuelan to design clothes for you.

Otherwise, your shop would have closed down already.”

Manager Lis face twitched, then he agreed, “yes, eldest miss Liu is right!”

‘I wonder if youll say the same thing if you know this shop actually now belongs to your Sister Yuelan. Of course, manager Li would never say this out loud.

Lin Yuelan raised her eyebrows and looked at manager Li.

“Is this true”

Manager Li immediately echoed, “eldest miss Liu is telling the truth.

But Miss Lin,” Then, he became a little hesitant.

Lin Yuelan glanced at him and urged, “Go on.”

Manager Li said, “some of the big families in the town have been asking about the designer of Linyue Pavilion.

They want you to design a set of unique clothes for them.”

Lin Yuelan refused without thinking, “no!”

“But theyll give us a generous reward!” Manager Li said with some despair.

Hearing that there would be a generous reward, Lin yuelan held her chin with her hand, her eyes slightly drooped, as if she was deep in thought.

Then, she said, “tell them that I can design a set of clothes for them.

Its 500 taels for each set.

If theyre willing, they can sign up here.

Ill come over on the fifteenth of every month and design for them personally.

Remember, I only design for two people or one family each month.

If they miss the deadline, thats it!”

‘That is so demanding! This was what everyone was thinking.

‘A design will take five hundred taels, and the customers must follow her rules.

Manager Li felt a little helpless when he heard this.

But since this was his masters order, he would pass it on.

Would the customers be angry when they heard Lin Yuelans request

Actually, manager Li had really underestimated the wealthy families in Ning An town.

Ning An town might be small and have many poor people, but there were many hidden rich people as well.

Otherwise, why would there be so many poor people gathered here if not to work for the rich

Therefore, the poor became poorer, and the rich became richer.

The huge gap between the rich and the poor made Ning An town seem very poor.

The designer of Lin Yue Pavilion promised to design a unique set tailored to each person entered the ears of all the rich families in Ning An town.

No matter if they were men or women, old or young, they were all tempted to get a set of clothes that truly belonged to them.

However, the sky-high design fee of 500 taels of silver per set made some people hesitant.

For a large family, there would be at least five people.

One for the mother, one for the mother, two for the parents, and one for the kid.

That would be at least a few thousand taels.

Of course, those who had money and power did not care how much it cost to design a set.

What they cared about was their face.

When they went out to do business in a set of unique clothes, they would be proud.

Was that worth 500 taels

Of course, it was worth it.

Thus, out of Manager Lis expectations, the number of people who came to sign up was endless.

Manager Li was overjoyed.

Based on what his boss said, with each successful transaction, he and the staff could get a commission.

He could get 2%, which was 10 taels, and Xiao Li would get 0.4% or 2 taels of silver, while the others were 0.2% or one tael of silver.

This was free money.

The treatment in the Linyue Pavilion was really good.

As a result, whenever Lin Yuelans store wanted to recruit employees, there would be an endless sea of people applying.

If one was hired, one would be settled for life!


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