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When Jiang Zhennan saw Lin Yuelans movements, his pupils under the mask suddenly contracted violently.

This was because he saw Yuelan reaching out to touch Liefengs fur.

Liefeng would not allow anyone but its owner to touch it.

If someone tried, Liefeng would kick them hard.

It had a very strong personality.

Even more impossible was for Liefeng to allow someone to ride on his back.

Just when Jiang Zhennan thought that Liefeng would lose his temper, another unexpected thing happened.

Liefeng not only did not lose its temper at the child but also stretched its head over for Lin Yuelan to touch in a flattering manner.

It rubbed its head against her palm.

Then, it picked up the grass and placed it in Lin Yuelans hand.

Liefeng wanted to share its favorite grass with Lin Yuelan.


Lin Yuelan immediately giggled happily and said, “Liefeng, I dont eat grass!”

Her voice was clear and sweet, like an oriole singing.

Her voice spread through the mountains.

They drifted in the ears of humans, animals, and even the king of beasts!

Guo Bing and the others were jolted back to their senses by this clear and melodious laughter.

When they saw the interaction between Lin Yuelan and Liefeng, their already dry eyes widened once again.

The food fell once again as their mouths opened again.

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Jiang Zhennan was really shocked that Liefeng didnt reject the girl.

On the contrary, it tried to befriend her.

Jiang Zhennan was intrigued.

How did the girl manage so many miracles

This time, Guo Bing and the others came back to their senses quicker.

Guo Bing immediately ate the mushrooms just in case he saw something else that would surprise him and make him drop the good food to the ground again.


Then, he took two steps and ran to Lin Yuelan.

He asked curiously, “Miss, how did you get Liefeng to like you that much”

Lin Yuelan continued to stroke Liefengs fur happily and said with a smile, “Liefeng, youre so obedient.

Come, lie down.

Let me scratch your fur on the side!”

Then, under Guo Bings shocked expression, Liefeng obediently lay down.

To make things more convenient for Lin Yuelan, Liefeng moved closer to Lin Yuelans feet and rubbed its head against Lin Yuelans palm again.

It seemed to be telling her,Touch me all you want!

The more Lin Yuelan looked at Liefeng, the more she liked it.

The bright red fur, the handsome appearance, and the awe-inspiring presence really struck her heart.

If she didnt know that Liefeng and the uncle had been together for more than ten years and that they wouldnt leave each other, she really wanted to ask him to give her Liefeng.

Guo Bing and the others, including Jiang Zhennan, looked at Liefeng, who was normally so proud and arrogant, acting like a child around Lin Yuelan.

The corners of their mouths couldnt help but twitch.

They didnt know what kind of magic this child had to make Liefeng submit to her.

The child didnt answer his question just now, but Guo Bing didnt give up.

He moved closer to Lin Yuelan again and asked with a flattering smile, “Miss, how did you get Liefeng to like you that much”

Lin Yuelan was playing with Liefengs fur when she heard Guo Bing.

She raised her head and said casually, “Oh, its you.

I thought you guys have been petrified.”


Guo Bings heart was full of frustration.

He was simply too shocked to see Lin Yuelan come back holding their leaders hand.

Plus, were there statues as handsome as he was

Guo Bing could only put on a smile and said to Lin Yuelan embarrassedly, “Miss, please answer my question, Okay”

Lin Yuelan touched Liefengs soft ears and tilted her head to look at the extremely curious Guo Bing.

Then, she said casually again, “Oh, you mean that one”

Guo Bing nodded vigorously and replied, “Yes, its that one.” In fact, he didnt know which one they were talking about.

However, his intuition told him to keep on nodding.

Lin Yuelan continued to play with Liefengs ears.

She rested her chin on her hand.

She looked at the steed.

She asked in relief, “Does Liefeng reject you guys and hate for you to be near it”

Guo Bing quickly nodded his head.

Lin Yuelan said with a puzzled look, “Thats strange.

Why cant I feel any rejection from Liefeng Moreover, I can feel that Liefeng especially likes me.”

Lin Yuelan knew the real reason.

It was because of her special power and Little Green.

The wood element was the source of all life, and Little Green was the king.

Therefore, as long as she wanted, she could earn the favor of any plants, animals, or certain people easily.

Furthermore, she really did like Liefeng.

When she touched Liefeng with her hand, she used her power to sense the internal injuries within the steed.

Then, she used her source of life to heal the injuries.

How could that not win over Liefeng

Of course, the rest didnt know about this.

When Liefengs internal injuries were mostly healed, Lin Yuelan stood up and clapped her hands.

She said to Jiang Zhennan excitedly, “Uncle mask, Liefeng is really cute.

Can I ride it” As she said that, she suddenly thought of something and asked with a puzzled face, “Oh, right.

Uncle Mask, I saw that you were very nervous just now.

Did something happen”

Jiang Zhennans mouth twitched again.

Wasnt the girls reaction a bit too slow

Regardless, he shook his head.

“Its nothing.

When you wanted to touch Liefeng, I was afraid that it might harm you, so…” he was a little nervous.

Lin Yuelan nodded in understanding.

“Oh, I see.

Uncle, Ill take Liefeng for a ride.

You guys can continue to roast the mushrooms.

In a while, Ill bring back a few wild rabbits for you.”

Without waiting for Jiang Zhennans reply, she immediately jumped on Lifengs back and rode away.

When Lin Yuelan left, Guo Bing and the others rubbed their hands and asked with a cheeky smile, “Boss, did something happen just now that we dont know about Why did the two of you come back holding hands”



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