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Lin Yuelan said, “I want to buy all the open spaces around my house.”

After Lin Yiwei was sure that he had not heard wrong, he said worriedly, “girl, thats a hundred Mus of land.

Are you sure you want to buy that much”

Lin Yuelan nodded and replied, “yes!”

She had her own plan, and she still felt that this amount of land was not enough.

In addition to building her own house, she also planned to build other houses on this land.

She would build a factory and a staff dorm.

As for the remaining land, she wanted to use it to grow vegetables, grapes, and so on.

With her house as the center, she would build a large farming manor.

Lin Yiwei knew that Lin Yuelan was not bluffing, so he asked doubtfully, “LanEr, what do you want so much land for” She was ultimately a girl.

If she amassed so much property, would men marry her to claim her property in the future

However, with the girls shrewdness, she definitely wouldnt be easily deceived.

Lin Yuelan did not answer Lin Yiwei directly but said mysteriously, “Grandpa village chief, Ill keep it a secret for now.

Youll know when the time comes.”

Lin Yiwei could only say, “alright, Ill gather everyone in the Lin family Village tomorrow and have a meeting to talk to them.

Lets see what they say.

In fact, he wasnt very confident.

Many were probably unwilling to sell their lands to Lin Yuelan.

Lin Yiwei sighed in his heart and thought,Ill try my best.

Lin Yuelan said gratefully, “thank you, grandpa Village chief!”

It was already nighttime when Lin Yuelan returned home.

The few people who had gone out to work had already returned.

As usual, Lin Yuelan started to eat after cooking two or three dishes.

After the meal, everyone sat in the courtyard and chatted.

Lin Yuelan said, “Im planning to build a house.”

Other than Jiang Zhennan, the others, including Doctor Zhang and Xiao Tong, were slightly surprised.

A moment later, Guo Bing immediately nodded in joy and said, “Good!”

After the house was built, they would not have to sleep in a tent every day.

Although it was summer and it was fine to sleep in a tent, there were a lot of mosquitoes.

“Miss Lin, when do we start building the house How big are you going to build this house” Guo Bing asked, a little excited.

“Im planning to build a two-story big brick house with three entrances and three courtyards,” Lin Yuelan said.”In the afternoon, I went to look for Grandpa village chief and asked him to help me acquire the land around this house.” Lin Yuelan didnt hide anything from them.

When they heard Lin Yuelan say that she wanted to buy all the land around the house, they were stunned.

Wasnt that a bit too big

Several hundred Zhangs of land equaled more than several hundred Mus.

Even ten buildings could fit into such a big space.

Did a house require so much land

Guo Bing was a little speechless as he said, “Miss Lin, isnt this a little too big Arent you going to build just one house”

Lin Yuelan chuckled and said, “who said Im just building one house”

“Ah” Everyone was a little confused.

It was still Doctor Zhang who was more experienced.

She asked, “girl, do you have any other plans”

Lin Yuelan nodded and said, “yes.

Im planning to build a farm Manor!”

“A farm Manor” They didnt quite understand.

They all knew about the country estate and farm Village, but what was a farm Manor

Lin Yuelan blinked and said with a smile, “just wait and see!”

Lin Yuelan had deliberately said this to hook their curiosity.

The next day, early in the morning, Lin Yiwei arranged for a young man to hold a gong and hit it as he moved from the head of the village to the end.

He shouted, “everyone, gather under the banyan tree for a village meeting!”

Hearing the call for a meeting, everyone, regardless of gender or age, came out one after another.

They also brought a small bench and rushed to the Banyan Tree.

This Banyan Tree was big and thick.

Usually, the villagers would chat under this Banyan Tree.

They also gathered here for meetings.


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