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“Why the sudden meeting Is there something big”

“Yeah Whats going on”

In twos and threes, they carried their stools and walked to the bottom of the big tree, but they could not hide the doubts in their hearts.

It didnt take long for everyone to arrive, except for Lin Yuelan and Lin Laosans family.

Lin Laosan didnt come because he had a stomach full of grievances against Lin Yiwei.

Therefore, not coming to the meeting was to express his dissatisfaction with Lin Yiwei.

As for Lin Yuelan, if she was there, the villagers would not.

Lin Yiwei looked around and saw that Lin Laosans family was missing.

Lin Yiwei immediately ordered a young man to call them.

However, when the young man returned, he said directly, “Village chief, Uncle Lin Laosan, and the others said that theyre not feeling well, so they wont be coming.”

Lin Yiweis face darkened, and his expression was clearly one of anger.

He said sternly, “since they are not feeling well, Ill get someone to pass on the message to the representative after the meeting.”

“Village Chief, whats the matter” Someone suddenly asked.

Lin Yiwei didnt beat around the bush and said directly, “yesterday, LanEr came to look for me.

She said that she wanted to build a house and claim land.”

When this news came out, it simply shocked them.

In just three to four months, that girl had bought cows and fields, and now she wanted to build a house.

Did she have money

However, on second thought, she must be rich now.

She had earned three to four hundred taels by selling a big tiger.

They heard that she had also earned a thousand taels by selling ginseng.

The hut she was living in was a little shaky.

Other peoples pigsties might be better than hers.

Now that she had money on hand, of course, she had to build a new house.

However, if she wanted to build a house, so be it.

It had nothing to do with everyone.

Why did the village chief call for a meeting so urgently

“I say, village chief, that girl wants to build a house and claim land.

Thats her business.

Why did you call everyone over Is it to announce to everyone that shes going to build a house”


“Thats right.

Its none of our business.

Why did you call us here”

Everyones words carried some indignance and some fear.

Lin Yiwei shouted loudly, “everyone, be quiet.

Everyone, be quiet.

Listen to me!” Everyone quieted down.

Then, Lin Yiwei said, “It is true that its none of your business that LanEr is building a house.

But yesterday, she told me that she wants to buy the land to build the house.

The land she wants to buy is the empty space around her current hut.

So, Im telling you about it.”

Lin Yiweis words silenced the crowd.

It was so quiet that only the chirping of cicadas could be heard from the Banyan Tree.

It was also at this moment that a group of people, about five or six young men, came from the entrance of the village.

When they were some distance away from the Banyan Tree, the oldest among them, a middle-aged man, walked over.

“May I ask if this is the Lin family Village” This question immediately attracted everyones attention.

“Yes, this is.” Someone answered shyly.

“May I ask how to get to Lin Yuelans house” The middle-aged man asked again.

“Who are you why are you looking for LanEr” Lin Yiwei walked over and asked seriously.

“Oh, were craftsmen from the town.

My surname is Hu.” The middle-aged man pointed at the five people behind him.

“I heard that Lin Yuelans family wants to build a house here.

We were introduced here by the shopkeeper of Linyue Pavilion.

Today, were here to take a look at the lay of the land.”

When the villagers heard that he was looking for Lin Yuelan, everyone was quiet.

They didnt move and didnt make a sound.

When Lin Yiwei heard that they were craftsmen hired by Lin Yuelan, he immediately ordered Lin Jiawei, “Xiaowei, take them to Lan Ers house.” The others probably wouldnt be willing to help.

“Yes, uncle village chief!” Lin Jiawei was also happy.

After Lin Jiawei left with craftsman Hu and the others, everyone was lively again.

“She has already found the craftsmen.

It seems that the construction of the house is already a fact.” The one who said this was a little envious.

“The Village Chief has already told us that.

How could it be fake”

“We work our whole lives and still cant save enough money to build a house.

That girl, on the other hand, has a thousand taels of silver in her hands in just a few months.” These words were said in a somewhat sour tone.


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