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Upon hearing Lin Yiweis words, someone immediately snorted, “Hmph, then we wont sell it!” That way, everyone could still continue to use the roads freely.

Then, the man shouted again, “Everyone, if theres the road on your land, dont sell it to the jinx.”

Lin Yiwei was a little annoyed.

He said with a dark face, “Im giving you the info you need.

You should think carefully about whether you want to sell it or not.

Those who are willing to sell bring the title deed to my house.

Youll be paid for it once you have over the deed.”

On the other side, Lin Jiawei brought craftsman Hu and the others to Lin Yuelans house.

However, craftsman Hu and the others were dumbfounded when they saw the house of the employer.

Wasnt the hut too small and too shabby

Did such a family really have the money to build a house

They were a little hesitant.

Lin Jiawei shouted at the door, “Sister Yuelan, sister Yuelan, are you home”

After a while, craftsman Hu and the others saw a very cute little girl walking out of the dilapidated house.

She had regular facial features, an oval face, a pair of big and clear eyes, and fair skin.

She was wearing a light green dress and looked very beautiful.

“Wait…” Craftsman Hu and the others finally reacted.

The person they were looking for was called Lin Yuelan.

Craftsman Hu asked suspiciously, “Are you Lin Yuelan”

Lin Yuelan nodded and said, “Im Lin Yuelan.

May I know who you are”

Fuck! The person who hired them was really a child.

Shopkeeper Li did tell them that the person who hired them was a little young, but he told them not to underestimate her.

He also introduced the girls identity and said that she was a famous jinx in the Lin family Village.

He asked if they would accept the job.

They didnt mind if their boss was a jinx.

What did that have to do with them

But this was too young.

She looked like a little girl who hadnt reached 15 years of age yet.

Could she be the head of the household Wasnt there anyone else who could make a big decision, like building a house

Craftsman Hu and the others introduced themselves, “I am craftsman Hu from the West alley of the town.

Shopkeeper Li looked for me and asked me to take on a job.

The employer is called Lin Yuelan.

I didnt expect you to be a child.”

Lin Yuelan raised her eyebrows.

Her name was probably well-known in the town.

Had this person not heard of her

Lin Yuelan nodded and said, “Im only 12 years old.

Of course, Im still a child.

Please come in.” Lin yuelan opened the door and let craftsman Hu and the others in.

Lin Jiawei was a little embarrassed to go in.

He said, “sister Yuelan, everyone is having a meeting under the tree.

Ill go back to the meeting now.”

Lin Yuelan nodded at him.

Craftsman Hu and the others came in and looked around.

They were surprised to see five or six tents in the yard, but they did not ask much.

The group of them sat at the stone table.

Lin Yuelan poured each of them a cup of tea, then sat down and said, “You can see for yourself.

I have to build a new house.”

Craftsman Hu nodded, then went straight to the point.

“Miss Lin, are you the only one who can make the decision around here”

Lin Yuelan smiled and nodded.

“Master Hu, you are my senior.

You can call me Yuelan.” An elder calling her Miss Lin made her feel a little awkward.

Craftsman Hu nodded.

“Dont worry.

Im the only member of the family.

So Im in charge of everything.” Lin Yuelan said.

Craftsman Hu and the others were suspicious of Lin yuelans words.

They were more worried about their wages.

They didnt believe that the child could prepare the money to pay them.

Craftsman Hu nodded and said, “its not a problem for us to take this job.

But what about the salary”

Lin Yuelan said straightforwardly, “Its 50 Wen a day, three meals included.

As for accommodation, you can build some simple wooden houses or build some tents.” This place was far from the town, and it would take a day to go back and forth.

Therefore, they had to stay with Lin Yuelan for food and lodging.

Upon hearing such good conditions, craftsman Hus men immediately widened their eyes and shouted excitedly, “big brother!”

Craftsman Hu glared at them, a little disappointed that they showed their hands so on.

In business, it was bad to show desperation.

Plus, what if the child was just fooling them

Craftsman Hu smiled and said, “Yuelan, Im very tempted by such good conditions.

However, how will we be paid”


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