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“Thats right, as long as we release the news that the wretched girl is a demon, I believe that we dont need to do anything, and the Lin medicine hall will soon become a thing of the past.”

“Without Lins medicine Hall, our businesses will return to their original state.

I would like to congratulate all of you first.” Shopkeeper Liu of Liuji medicine Hall immediately cupped his fists and congratulated the other four people.

As for how sincere he was, only he knew.

However, everyone had gathered that night to work together to deal with their common enemy.

The next day, they might backstab each other in the dark for their own interests.

For now, they were dealing with their biggest enemy.

“Dont be in such a hurry to congratulate yet,” shopkeeper Huang, who was sitting in the main hall, said solemnly.

“To deal with that girl, we must have a two-pronged approach.

We must knock her down in one go.

Otherwise, when she gets up again, it may be a disaster for us.”

When they heard shopkeeper Huangs words, they were a little surprised.

Shopkeeper Liu asked suspiciously, “shopkeeper Huang, did you think too highly of that wretched girl After all, no matter how smart she is, its impossible for her to stop those peoples fear of her.

Shopkeeper Huang shook his head and asked sharply, “have you all forgotten about that old fox, Lin Deshan”

The others immediately fell silent.

Seeing that no one spoke, he continued, “Lin Deshan, that old man, stayed in the Lin family Village before, so he would have known what happened to that girl.

For example, she was called a demon, but the old man still acknowledged her as his granddaughter.

Not long after, he handed over all his business to a little girl and became a free-hand manager.

“So, before Lin Deshan handed the shop over to the girl, didnt he think about the girls reputation No, he must have thought of everything and even thought of a way to deal with it.

Thats why he was so calm when he handed over his property to that girl.

Shopkeeper Huangs words made sense.

This made the few of them, who had been pleasantly surprised, suddenly look more thoughtful and worried.

“Shopkeeper Huang,” someone said suspiciously, “that girl is a monster.

Maybe shes trying to trick Lin Deshan into handing over his assets unwillingly”

His words were reasonable.

Shopkeeper Huang did not nod or shake his head.

He continued, “regardless of whether Lin Deshan was really bewitched by that girl, it is a fact that the old man and this girl are now families.

So, even if Lin Deshan was bewitched by the demon, he would definitely stand up in the face of those rumors.

In that case, Lin Medicine Halls reputation will still be preserved.

This is extremely disadvantageous to us.

All of shopkeeper Huangs assumptions were based on Lin Deshan handling everything.

But he had no idea that Lin Yuelan could handle them easily.

However, this was something that shopkeeper Huang and the other shopkeepers had never thought of.

“Shopkeeper Huang, dont you think youre overestimating that old man” These people still didnt believe it.

“Regardless, it cant be bad that were prepared, right” Shopkeeper Huang was a little angry that they doubted his words.

Seeing that shopkeeper Huang was a little angry, a few of them immediately echoed, “Yes, yes, shopkeeper Huang is right.”

“Then what do you mean by a two-pronged approach”

Shopkeeper Huangs expression became slightly better.

These people turned to him again.

He said, “What is the biggest taboo for a medicine hall or a clinic”

“Of course, its medical malpractice.” A few of them quickly replied and looked at each other, but they quickly reacted and laughed.

They cupped their fists at shopkeeper Huang and praised him again, “shopkeeper Huang, youre indeed a genius.”

Shopkeeper Huangs face was filled with pride.

He raised his head slightly and said humbly, “This is nothing.”

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