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However, the womans expression was one of shock, fear, and uneasiness.

She said, “He said that there was no more blood.”

“Blood” The crowd was very confused.

The woman continued, “He said blood.

Its human blood.”


Then, someone immediately said in shock, “So, he said that the medicine was human blood”

The woman nodded and said, “yes!”

“So, your husband took medicine here and then became possessed in the middle of the night to drink it.

And he kept saying that the medicine, which was human blood, was no more”

The woman said nothing and only sobbed silently.

However, her answer only further confirmed the truth of her words.

The crowd immediately took a few steps back in fear, their expressions and attitudes becoming more panicked and uneasy.

However, some of them were even more curious and asked, “How many days has your husband been drinking medicine How did he end up like this” Someone pointed at the charred body and asked in horror.

The woman said, “He has been drinking medicine for three days.

On the fourth night, although my husband also woke up in the middle of the night, he was very clear-headed.

He suddenly said to me, woman, Im going to find my master.

In the future, you have to take good care of the elderly and the child.

When the parents die, and the child grows up, I will come back to bring you to see my master.

“At that time, I was extremely nervous and scared.

What was he talking about I asked him about the master.

Were just ordinary people.

What master do we have

“He immediately gave me a tight slap and chided me, dont you dare insult the master.

Master isnt someone that a small fry like you can mention.

“He slapped me.

I covered my face and looked at my husband, who seemed to have gone crazy.

I felt heartache and helplessness, but more than that, I felt fear and uneasiness because my husband said that he was leaving.

Where was he going, and how was he going to meet his master

“So, I suppressed the shock in my heart and asked him, if I also want to follow the master, what should I do

“He said, you just have to go to the Lin medicine hall to get some medicine.

After drinking the medicine, youll be able to see master.

“When I woke up the next day, I realized that my husband was nowhere to be seen.

I went to look for him, but when I found him in the courtyard, he was completely charred black.

“He… he died from self-immolation!”

When the woman finished her last sentence, the medicine in many peoples hands immediately fell to the ground.

These people were so frightened by the womans words that they unconsciously dropped the medicine in their hands.

“Its … its too scary!”

“Its so scary.

I dont want to come here anymore.

I dont want this medicine.”

Ancient people were simple and superstitious.

They would not judge whether this woman was telling the truth or not, but they had already determined that it was true in their hearts.

Therefore, they felt afraid, fearful, and uneasy.

In an instant, the area in front of Lins medicine shop was in chaos.

Some people even wanted to smash the shop and its people in anger.

“roar!” Suddenly, a tigers roar could be heard, frightening everyone into silence.

Then, everyone saw the child in light green sitting on the back of a big white tiger, clapping her hands and smiling.

“Not bad, not bad.

The golden phoenix troupe is really good at acting!”


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