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“Others might be afraid of you, but Im not.

Im not only going to tell the people in the town that youre a demon who secretly harmed people in the name of charity to achieve your goal of controlling them, but Im also going to tell the entire county and prefecture that.

Im going to make sure that a demon like you who harms people has no place to live.”

She had distorted the truth, and most importantly, she had taken the initiative to mislead the public.

She said that this woman was picked up by Lin Yuelan by the side of the road and that everything she said was a lie.

Then she said that Lin Yuelan wanted to deliberately mystify things and distort the truth to prevent her from exposing her hypocrisy.

It had to be said that Zhu Yuhuan was indeed a smart woman.

No wonder Zhu Yuhuan had been leading the troupe since they arrived.

The others only needed to cry.

At the crucial moment, they still relied on this womans quick-witted mind to turn everything around.

However, the woman might be too smart for her own good.

If Zhu Yuhuan hadnt met Lin Yuelan, who had a golden finger, perhaps their perfect plan would have succeeded.

However, that was not the case.

Most people believed Zhu Yuhuans words.

The second woman was someone Lin Yuelan found to protect the image of Lins Medicine Hall.

Therefore, all of this was a scheme of the monstrous Lin Yuelan.


Lin Yuelan clapped her hands.

There was no trace of anger on her face, and she still had a proud smile.

She smiled at Zhu Yuhuan and said, “Not bad.

I have long heard that Zhu Yuhuan from the golden phoenix opera troupe was not only beautiful and good at acting, but she was also smart and eloquent.

That is indeed the truth!”

“You brat, Im not Zhu Yuhuan from the golden phoenix opera troupe.” Zhu Yuhuan roared.

Even though that was her true identity, she could not admit it at this moment.

That was because she was quite well-known in the surrounding towns.

Everyone knew whether she had a husband or not.

Zhu Yuhuan asked sharply, “you keep saying that Im Zhu Yuhuan.

Do you have any evidence Otherwise, youre accusing me of slander.

I can go to court and sue you.

i believe that the judge will seek justice for me.”

Zhu Yuhuan had been terrified at first, but now she was speaking with more confidence.

She confirmed that Lin Yuelan couldnt do anything to her.

As soon as Zhu Yuhuan said this, someone in the crowd said, “Ive seen the golden phoenix troupe, and Ive seen Zhu Yuhuan perform before.”

The moment this person called out, he immediately attracted everyones attention.

Everyones expression was the same as if they were asking, “Is this person Zhu Yuhuan”

“Ive seen Zhu Yuhuan before, but she doesnt look like this at all.

Zhu Yuhuan is younger and more beautiful than this old woman!”

His words confirmed that she was not Zhu Yuhuan.

After hearing someone prove her “innocence,” Zhu Yuhuan immediately sent Lin Yuelan a provocative look.

Of course, this gaze was very subtle.

Other than Lin Yuelan, no one else noticed it.

Zhu Yuhuan repeatedly said that Lin Yuelan was a monster.

Lin Yuelan decided to live up to her reputation.

Lin Yuelan didnt immediately respond to Zhu Yuhuans words, but her face revealed a hint of mockery.

She narrowed her eyes slightly and asked calmly, “you said that this man is your husband.

Then, tell me what kind of birthmark or mark this man has.”

Although the man was charred and black, as long as he wasnt completely burned to ashes, the birthmarks and marks would still be on his body.

So, this was something only his real wife would know.

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