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Jiang Zhennan and Guo Bing led more than a dozen subordinates and continued down the mountain.

Halfway down the mountain, Jiang Zhennan suddenly ordered, “Guo Bing, take them and continue forward.

When you reach the exit of the mountain, wait for me.”

After saying that, without waiting for Guo Bings response, he turned around and walked back up the original route.

Guo Bing stood at the back and asked curiously, “Hey, boss, its almost dark.

Where are you going”

Jiang Zhennan ignored him and continued walking forward.

Guo Bing seemed to have gotten used to Jiang Zhennans attitude.

He could only let out a sigh.

Then, he led the small troop and continued their march.

He carried a black cloth bag on his back.

The black cloth bag was given to them by Lin Yuelan.

It was used to store mushrooms and seasonings.

Because Jiang Zhennan, the general, had picked up a lot of mushrooms, Lin Yuelan asked them to pay an ingot of silver to buy all of these mushrooms.

Then, she also gave them some special seasonings.

Guo Bing was a foodie.

When Lin Yuelan took out these seasonings, he was the first to snatch them.

Even though they had only interacted with Lin Yuelan for a short period of time, they didnt think theyd ever forget about this special child!

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When they said goodbye to the child, the child said, “If we are fated to meet again, we will no longer be strangers but friends.

At that time, I will be happy to tell you what my name is and where my home is!”

Honestly, the soldiers also looked forward to meeting her again.

Lin Yuelan looked at the dozen or so people who had disappeared, and her eyes suddenly became sharp.

She patted Little Green which had turned into a vine, and said, “Lets go, Little Green.

We will meet that Big Tiger!”

She wanted to have a big fight with that big tiger, but the masked general was with her, so she could not make a move.

That was why she chose to escape.

Now that those people had left, she could have a big fight.

Little Green quickly turned into a black snake and slithered on the ground, followed by the excited and eager Lin Yuelan.

Soon, they heard the roars of two tigers, and it sounded fierce and violent as if they were engaged in a fierce battle.

Lin Yuelan ran forward in high spirits.

As she ran, she asked Little Green, “Little Green, are there two tigers Are they injured from fighting each other We can benefit and take down two of them at once! This is going to be big!”

A tiger skin could be sold for a high price.

In addition, the tiger meat, bones, and so on would sell great on the market too.

With the two tigers captured, shed be rich!

Little Green was a little confused.

His master wanted to fight the two tigers for money.

But what exactly was money

Was it a good thing

Actually, it was not Little Greens fault for not knowing what money was.

He had appeared during the apocalypse.

At the end of the war, the economy had reverted to the simple barter system.

Money became a piece of waste paper.

Therefore, Little Green had never understood the true meaning of money.

However, in this era, Lin Yuelan kept talking about money.

Little Green didnt know what money was, but he understood one thing very well.

Since his owner wanted money, then it had to be a good thing!


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