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Under Lin Yuelans incisive actions, Zhu Yuhuans groups lies were exposed to everyone.

It dawned on everyone at the scene.

When they finally understood what was going on, they were filled with righteous indignation.

They glared at Zhu Yuhuan and the others and scolded, “Youre the ones who are truly heartless! How could you use a corpse that isnt your husbands to slander and spread rumors about Lins Medicine Hall and its young owner Dont you feel guilty”

“Seriously, using a strangers corpse to cause trouble.

This is the first time in my life that Ive seen something like this.”

They took a person who had nothing to do with them and pretended to be his family member.

They came up and said that the medicine shop had killed this stranger.

“But, the strange thing is, if these people are really from the golden phoenix troupe, why would they suddenly carry a body that has nothing to do with them to Lins Medicine Hall to make trouble And most importantly, wasnt the golden phoenix troupe from the neighboring town Why would they suddenly come here Also, young miss Lin said that this woman is the head actress of the golden phoenix troupe, Zhu Yuhuan.

Ive seen her before, but she doesnt look like her at all.”

“She must have put on makeup, but now, shes obviously not wearing any.”

That person immediately understood.

However, he felt disgusted because Zhu Yuhuan was his dream girl.

He couldnt believe his dream girl was an old woman.

“Alas, a womans heart is the most vicious.

She used a strangers corpse to cause trouble, and now that the real wife is here, shes still shouting so righteously and pointing at someone else as a fake.

Shes really vicious and shameless.” Treating a dead person like this was a great disrespect, and they would be punished by the heavens.

As Zhu Yuhuan listened to these peoples words, pointing at her and cursing her, she was so angry that her face turned green and ugly.

Her expression was twisted and ferocious, and her whole body trembled with anger.

She pointed at little white and screamed, “Shes a demon! Cant you see her riding a tiger in public A child can actually command a tiger.

If shes not a demon, what is she”

When she said these words, many people thought that Zhu Yuhuan was possessed.

But she was not wrong.

If Lin Yuelan werent a demon, a child wouldnt be able to command and tame a big tiger.

Lin Yuelan laughed coldly at Zhu Yuhuans words.

“What a joke.

Just because I can tame this big tiger, youre saying that Im a demon What kind of logic is that” Following that, she turned to the crowd and said, “Fellow villagers, Im sure everyone is very curious about me subduing this big tiger.

This kind of curiosity and doubt will cause everyone to misunderstand that I know sorcery and evil arts to control it.

I can understand.

“In fact, the reason why this big tiger is so obedient to me is that I have saved it.

It is here to repay me.

I believe everyone understands that there are many things in the world that are very spiritual.

For example, the cats and dogs raised at home.

Some of them look very sensible because of their spiritual nature.

Although this white tiger is a ferocious beast, it is more intelligent and knows how to repay kindness.

“Back then, it was fighting with another big tiger, and when it was on the verge of death, I was the one who saved it.

After it recovered, it followed me.

I saw that it didnt have the heart to hurt people, so I let it follow me.

“Let me ask everyone.

If an animal repays my kindness and becomes my obedient pet, will it be evidence that Im a demon Then, does that mean everyone who has pets is also a demon”

Tigers were ferocious beasts, and humans could not control them.

However, cats and dogs were small and didnt have any wild nature, so humans didnt have to be afraid of them as pets.

These two were fundamentally different.

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