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Many people muttered in their hearts.

“Dont twist your words.

How can a cat or a dog be compared to a tiger” Zhu Yuhuan said angrily.

“Why not” Lin Yuelan raised her eyebrows and asked, “This big tiger is just a little bigger.

Is it because its big that it cant be a pet”

“You… youre being unreasonable!” Zhu Yuhuans face turned white with anger.

However, Lin Yuelan saw that the matter was almost over.

she immediately restrained her expression and said sternly, “Zhu Yuhuan, the golden phoenix troupe, you illegally used the bodies of non-relatives and slandered the Lin medicine shop and me.

Ive already sent someone to report it to court.

Just wait for the lawsuit! ”

As soon as Lin Yuelan finished speaking, a few officers walked out from the crowd.

One of them, who looked like the leader, said to Zhu Yuhuan and the others, “Youre suspected of murder and illegal use of their bodies.

Take them away!” The last sentence was for his subordinates.

Then, a group of officers rushed in, grabbed the culprits, and left in a hurry.

No matter how much Zhu Yuhuan and the others shouted, it was useless.

The group of people was left confused.

They already knew about the illegal use of the body, but what did it mean to be suspected of murder

Could it be that they were the ones who killed this charred male corpse

Of course, whether this was the case or not, they would find out in the future.

After Zhu Yuhuan and the members of the golden phoenix troupe were arrested, the farce finally came to an end.

After that, Lin Yuelan turned to the crowd and said in a firm and sharp voice, “as the young owner of Lins Medicine Hall, I only have one thing to say.

I, Lin Yuelan, have done nothing wrong.” This was to tell everyone that Lins medicine hall would continue as usual.

As for whether you wanted to come to see the doctor or not, it was up to you.

After that, everyone stared blankly at a young girl who left riding a big white tiger.

They were unable to come back to their senses for a long time.

However, Lin Yuelans imposing words shocked and surprised them, but they were more excited.

That was because this meant that Lin Yuelan disdained those underhanded means.

Why would such a person harm others

Therefore, this event made Lins Medicine Halls prestige rise to another level.

Lin Yuelan was smart and quick-witted enough to expose those peoples plots.

It made her not a terrifying evildoer in everyones eyes but a power that they worshiped.

As for the rumor that the evildoer could summon ferocious beasts to hurt people, although everyone saw Lin Yuelan riding on the back of the tiger, it was obvious that the big tiger had no intention of hurting people at all.

Zhu Yuhuan did say that Lin Yuelan was a monster who could use her evil sorcery to command ferocious beasts.

However, after hearing Lin Yuelans explanation, some people suddenly realized that animals and humans were the same.

They all knew how to be grateful.

A big tiger who knew how to be grateful and so loyal was also very likable.

Late at night, in a small temple far away from the town, a crippled beggar with a black mole on his face, dirty clothes, and hair was curled up in a fetal position, munching on half a bun he had begged from the street.

Suddenly, a few tall and well-built men walked in.

In the middle of them, they saw a man in his forties who looked more refined.

When he saw this beggar, he didnt wait for the other party to be surprised.

He immediately stepped forward angrily and gave him a kick.

Then, he cursed angrily, “Its all your fault, you little bastard! You **ing beggar! You came up with this idea and ruined my golden phoenix opera troupe! Now were in a lawsuit! Its all your fault…” The man kicked the beggar harder and harder as if he was going to beat the beggar to death.

This beggar was Lai Xiaowu, who failed to steal from Lin Yuelan.

Ever since he had caused trouble for Lin Yuelan in Ning An town and brought out his backer, the county magistrates eighth concubine, his backer had been immediately eliminated by Zhou Wencai.

His life had immediately turned into an abyss of suffering.

The changes in his life had made him hate Lin Yuelan even more, who had caused all these changes.

However, Lin Yuelan was far away in the Lin family village and rarely came to town.

Even if she did come to town occasionally, he didnt dare to get close to her, so he hadnt found an opportunity.

When he found out that Lins medicine shop in town had become Lin Yuelans, his heart was filled with even more hatred.

However, when he saw the long line of people waiting to see the doctor and take a medicine, he immediately had some ideas.

Then, he incited some of the shopkeepers of the medicine shops and medical halls.

However, those shopkeepers did not like Lai Xiaowu in the past.

Now that he had become a beggar, it was even more impossible for them to like him.

That didnt mean that they disliked his idea.

Later on, after they learned about the situation in the Lin family village from Lai Xiaowu, they immediately had an idea.

In the end, they planned to put on a show to create a farce at Lins medicine shop.

After their failure, they naturally vented their anger on Lai Xiaowu, who had come up with the idea.

“Its not my fault,” Lai Xiaowu said loudly, holding his head in his hands.

“Youre the ones whore in charge.”

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