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Lin Yuelan knew exactly how Lai Xiaowu knew about Lin Yuelans monstrous talent.

she just needed to confirm it with Lai Xiaowu.

Lai Xiaowus face was black and blue from the kick.

He raised his head and stared at Lin Yuelan.

He revealed a sinister smile and said, “What do I get in return for making a deal with you Its all your fault that I ended up like this.” As he spoke, his eyes revealed a sinister cold light that seemed to be able to kill.

Lai Xiaowu admitted that all of this was caused by Lin Yuelan, yet he didnt reflect on himself.

If he hadnt been greedy, all of this wouldnt have happened.

There were some people in the world who never thought that it was their fault.

The fault could only be on others.

A cold smile appeared at the corner of Lin Yuelans mouth.

she said sharply, “This is your own doing.

you cant blame anyone!” Then, she changed the topic and asked sternly, “Do you think that with your current appearance, youre really qualified to talk about conditions and benefits with me”

“Fine then, just kill me!” Lai Xiaowu said angrily.

He had nothing to live for anyway.

Lin Yuelan clapped her hands twice and said with a hint of mockery, “Yes, you have a backbone! If you had such a backbone before, you wouldnt have ended up like this!”

Lai Xiaowu didnt say anything.

he just glared at Lin Yuelan and gritted his teeth, “What do you want ”

Lin Yuelan shrugged her shoulders and said, “I have already told you what I want.

Then, Ill cure all your injuries, including this lame leg.

How about it Of course,” She changed the topic and said lightly, “It doesnt matter if you dont tell me.

Im a demon, so I can definitely find out everything.


As she spoke, Lin Yuelan bent down and stretched out her slender little hand, directly strangling Lai Xiaowus neck.

With a somewhat sinister expression, she said, “Ill send you to hell first.”

She didnt want to kill a nobody like Lai Xiaowu to dirty her hands, but she could still scare him.

It was better to live than to die.

Seeing the murderous look in Lin Yuelans eyes, Lai Xiaowu immediately said fearfully, “Ill tell you, Ill tell you.

After that, he slowly explained what had happened.

“When I was passing by town, I heard a mother and daughter talking about it.

But from the angry tone, I guessed that she must have a grudge against you, so I asked her directly.

I asked her if the Lin familys nemesis was also a demon, and she nodded and told me yes.

“Whats the name of the mother and daughter” Lin Yuelan asked sharply.

There were only a few families who had a grudge against her, so it was not difficult to guess who the mother and daughter were.

“I dont know,” he shook his head.

Then, as if remembering something, he said, “Oh, I heard that old woman calling that child Ying Zi! ”

Lin Yuelan frowned.

It was as if Gu Sanniang and Ying Zi were born to be enemies with her.

She had taught them a few times, but it seemed that they had not learned their lesson.

However, she felt that it would dirty her hands if she were to kill them directly.

After Lin Yuelan heard this, she gave a bottle of medicine to Lai Xiaowu and said, “here! if you rub it on your body, it will help your wounds heal faster!”

After she finished speaking, she left.

After Lin Yuelan came out of the small temple, she asked, “Little Green, where is Ying Zi now ”

Little Green told Lin Yuelan.

After that, Lin Yuelan headed in a certain direction.

In a courtyard in Ning An town, a ten-year-old child was dressed seductively as if she was waiting for someone to return.

“Miss Lin, the plan has failed! Now, all the members of the golden phoenix opera troupe have been arrested.

The troupe leader came to my door and asked me to get them out.

Otherwise, he wont let this matter rest.

However, Miss Lin was very calm as she held a cup of tea.

She opened the lid, blew on it, took two sips, and placed it on the stone table.

Her expression immediately changed, and she said coldly, “Since the members of the golden phoenix opera troupe are all in prison, its not surprising that the troupe leader, whos running around outside, has run into an accident, right After that, you only need to make some arrangements inside the prison.

I believe that other than Zhu Yuhuan, the others will need at least three to five years before they can come out.

What can they do to you after they come out in three to five years”

Shopkeeper Huang immediately pointed at her in shock.

“you… you…” He wanted to say that she was too cruel.

However, Miss Lin sneered and said, ” hmph, shopkeeper Huang, do you think you can succeed if youre not ruthless ”

When shopkeeper Huang heard this, he immediately reacted and said with a smile, ” yes, yes, yes.

Miss Lin is absolutely right.

Miss Lin glared at him and asked coldly, “Wheres my mother When are you going to let us go”

Shopkeeper Huang smiled and said, “Miss Lin, why are you in such a hurry You and your mother have been living a miserable life of being bullied in the countryside.

Now that youve met me, Ill show you some tender affection.

as long as you and your mother agree to serve me together, I can set you free at any time!”

Sitting on the roof and watching everything happening below, Lin Yuelans lips curved up.

She said with an ambiguous tone, “Now, this is interesting.

Keeping you around might bring me endless fun.”

Since she had decided to spare their lives, Lin Yuelan put down the sharp leaf in her hand.

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