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In the end, Jiang Zhennan got an unclear answer from Little Six.

Little Six touched the back of his head and said in a silly manner, ” boss, thats what Miss Lin said.

As for the lever and ejector, I dont understand them at all.

After listening to Little Six for a long time, Jiang Zhennan was even more confused than Little Six.

The dejected Jiang Zhennan could only imagine that this was something created two thousand years later.

Therefore, it was understandable that he did not understand.

Jiang Zhennan comforted himself.

When Lin Yuelan pushed the door open, she saw Jiang Zhennan standing at the door.

He was standing as straight as a ramrod, like a soldier.

Lin Yuelan raised her eyebrows and asked with a smile, “masked uncle, when did you become a wooden stake ”

Jiang Zhennans expression softened slightly, and his tone was full of doubt and curiosity as he asked, “Miss YueEr, can you tell me how the water can be drawn out from such a deep well without the use of a wheel ”

Lin Yuelan immediately rolled her eyes.

she was a little speechless at the sight of such a curious baby.

He was standing in front of her room so early in the morning just to satisfy his curiosity.

If it wasnt for the fact that she was familiar with him, she might have thought that he was one of those people with bad intentions.

Lin Yuelan chuckled at Jiang Zhennan and asked directly, ” you really want to know, dont you”

Jiang Zhennan nodded.

Then, he would wait for the answer.

But …

Lin Yuelan stomped her feet and patted Jiang Zhennans shoulder.

“Oh, general, youre so curious.

You should really get xx for beginners.”

After that, she immediately left.

Jiang Zhennan was left confused.

Even now, they were still wondering what xx for beginners was.

He didnt hesitate for long before he caught up with Lin Yuelan.

Lin Yuelan was going to see the seedlings in the field today.

It should be time for the rice to be in full bloom.

Therefore, she had to go and take a look.

Recently, she had been going there occasionally

As Lin Yuelan walked, the path was filled with light seedlings.

These seedlings didnt grow in a regular pattern, but most of them were very dense.

This was because, in the minds of these ancient people, they felt that the denser the planting, the greater the harvest.

Therefore, these rice seedlings were almost all squeezed together.

However, it was the growing period of rice.

Some people were very careful.

There was not a single weed in the field.

The seedlings were growing well.

Of course, some lazy families seedlings were growing worse in comparison.

Of course, now that the rice was in full bloom, regardless of whether they were growing well or not, they were all slowly sprouting flowers.

However, Lin Yuelan didnt care about how other peoples rice seedlings were growing.

She was going to her own field and adding spirit water to it, making the rice seeds grow fuller and more fragrant.

However, when Lin Yuelan and Jiang Zhennan walked toward their own fields, they saw a large group of people surrounding their rice seedlings and pointing at them.

“look at how well the rice seedlings are growing and how well the flowers are blooming.” his expression and tone were obviously envious.

“Thats right.

Look at how neat her rice seedlings are.

Its just that theyre very sparse.

Theyre so sparse, but theyre still growing so well.”

“Yes, it looks good, but its too sparse.

I wonder if the harvest will be as good.

In their impression, the denser the plants, the higher the harvest.

“These fields seem to be managed by a few strong men from the lin family village, and they look like good farmers, but why do they have to arrange the seedlings so neatly and so sparsely Dont they know that this will affect the harvest By the way, do you know how they managed to get the seedlings so neatly” they had already asked this question a few times, but none of them could answer it.

When Lin Yuelan had been transplanting the seedlings in the field, their seedlings had already grown very tall.

They had only come over to pull the grass occasionally, so the villagers didnt really pay attention to how Lin Yuelan and her gang had managed to arrange the seedlings so neatly.

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