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Lin Yuelan came back after seeing the crops.

However, when she reached her house, she heard a loud noise.

“Im here to find Lin Yuelan.

What does it have to do with you” This voice was a little arrogant, but this voice sounded even more familiar.

Lin Yuelan walked over to take a look.

It was indeed a very familiar person.

It was the shopkeeper of Xiangyun pavilion, Zhang Wuchang.

Zhang Wuchang had come here for no reason and was acting so arrogantly in front of her guests.

what right did he have

Guo Bing heard Zhang Wuchangs arrogant tone and said disdainfully, “Dont you understand the situation Youre obviously here to ask for a favor from miss Lin, but do you know who we are We are miss Lins friends, yet youve arrogantly and unreasonably offended her friends.

Could it be that you think that as long as you say the word, Miss Lin will be at your beck and call You must be daydreaming!”

Guo Bing had never been polite to outsiders.

Moreover, he had heard from little twelve that he had once insulted Miss Lin, so he was even more impolite.

Zhang Wuchang was a person who fawned over the powerful and bullied the weak.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have insulted Lin Yuelan.

In his view, Lin Yuelan was able to become the manager of Lins medicine store because she was lucky to have met Lin Deshan.

Lin Deshan had no children or relatives, so he took a fancy to Lin Yuelan, who had some medical skills, and let her inherit Lns medicine store.

Otherwise, Lin Yuelan would be a poor person.

Since she was poor, her so-called friends and guests must be poor as well.

Therefore, he had never put poor people in his eyes.

Even though he needed Lin Yuelans help this time, he didnt feel that there was anything wrong with his tone.

When Zhang Wuchang heard Guo bings words, he sneered contemptuously and said, “So what if youre her friend Who said that I had a favor to ask of Lin Yuelan Ill pay her.

Ill pay for it, okay”

“So what if you give me money, manager zhang” Lin Yuelans cold voice came from the back of the crowd.

Then, she walked over and said with disdain in her eyes, “Do you think youre so great just because you have money Besides, who told you that Ill definitely treat someone nicely as long as they pay me”

Did this Zhang Wuchang think he was a big shot

Zhang Wuchang didnt expect Lin Yuelan to say such a thing.

His face immediately darkened, but his expression remained calm.

“Thats right, our miss lin is not someone who can be hired by any tom, dick, or harry,” Guo Bing added fuel to the fire and said with even more disdain, “Not to mention a dirty dog who looks down on everyone! ”

He directly called Zhang Wuchang a dog.

The surrounding people immediately laughed and looked at Zhang Wuchang with ridicule.

Zhang Wuchangs face was already dark, and after hearing Guo Bings words, it became even darker, as if the ink could drip out of it.

There was faint anger on his face.

he glared at Guo Bing with his round eyes and shouted, “you poor man, you are just jealous of me! ”

His words not only offended Guo bings group but also the lin family villagers who were watching the show.

Compared to Zhang Wuchang, they were also poor.

“Since you look down on us poor people, why are you here now Get lost!”

“Thats right.

We are all poor and jealous of you.

You dont have to show off here.

So, get out of here immediately.

We dont want your money! ”

The lin family villagers immediately kicked up a ruckus, wanting to throw Zhang Wuchang out.

This was the first time Zhang Wuchang had been treated so rudely.

he was so angry that his beard twitched, but he did not know what he had done wrong.

He was unrepentant and still said to the villagers arrogantly, “Im not here for you.

you have no right to chase me away! ”

As he spoke, he looked at Lin Yuelan and said, “Lin Yuelan, Im here to ask you to treat my son.

Dont worry.

I wont shortchange you for the treatment.

Self-righteous fellow.

Lin Yuelan curled her lips into a sneer and said coldly, ” manager Zhang, you dont seem to understand the situation, do you Right now, its you who needs my help, not me who needs my help.

Who are you showing that arrogant face to”

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