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Lin Yuelans eyes clearly glowed with a cold light as she sneered, “A long time ago, after you threw me out of your shop and insulted me.

I told you not to come begging me.

If you really did come begging me one day, you must kneel in front of the town and shout,i was wrong.

Manager Zhang, have you forgotten these words

“However, if youve really forgotten, Ill remind you again.

“If you, Zhang Wuchang, want me to treat your son, then youll have to kneel around Ning An town and shout,im wrong.

I shouldnt have looked down on the poor.

Then, youll have to pay me a thousand taels of silver for treatment, and Ill save your son.

How about it”

For Zhang Wuchang to come to the lin family village to look for her meant that no one in town could treat his sons illness, not even the people in the county.

That was why he had come to beg her.

However, he didnt look like he was begging for help.

Lin Yuelan was disdainful.

Moreover, this time, he had once again called insulted her and her friends.

She wasnt a kind person, and she didnt care whether Zhang Wuchangs son was innocent or not.

When Zhang Wuchang heard Lin Yuelans words, his face turned livid with anger.

He pointed at Lin Yuelan and shouted, “Lin Yuelan, dont push it! I will never do that.”

Lin Yuelans bright eyes peeked at the furious Zhang Wuchang, and she said indifferently, “up to you! ”

Then, she said to Little Three, “Brother Little Three, see the guest out!”

little Three quickly replied, ” yes.

shopkeeper zhang, please!” little three showed him the door.

Zhang Wuchangs face was ashen as he angrily flicked his sleeves and left the lin family village.

At Qingfeng provincial capital, Ever since the Guangju yuan auction house sold the milkvetch flower, it had caused a stir among the noble circles.

The milkvetch flower was an extremely rare and precious medicinal herb that could restore ones youth.

To those with power and influence, it was even more precious than thousand-year-old ginseng.

Because some people would rather grow old with beauty than die with an ugly appearance.

Therefore, when the milkvetch flower appeared, those powerful and influential families seemed to fight for it.

In the end, the milkvetch flower was won by the richest man in the provincial capital, Li Fazhi, for 180000 silver.

Then, he gave it to the governor of Qingfeng city, Zhou Anping, in the blink of an eye.

this was a transaction of power and money between officials and merchants.

One had money, and the other had power.

No matter how much others wanted the milkvetch flower, they could do nothing about it.

Hence, he could only think about the origin of the milkvetch flower.

They heard that this milkvetch flower was bought by the Guangju yuan auction houses manager from a farmer in the countryside by chance.

However, the people in the noble circle all understood that the milkvetch flower was as rare as the thousand-year-old ginseng.

It was impossible for an ordinary farmer to pick it.

Therefore, only an excellent herb-picking farmer could pick such a medicinal herb because precious medicinal herbs were bound to have guardian beasts, such as poisonous snakes, big insects, and so on, so without the ability.

No one dared to risk their lives to pick these rare medicinal herbs.

Therefore, if one could pick the first stalk of milkvetch flower, one was more likely to find a second or a third stalk.

Therefore, they were even more eager to find the source of this medicinal herb.

“master, the subordinates did not manage to find out the origin of Zhou Xingfas milkvetch flower.” Zhou Xingfa was Guangju yuans manager zhou.

“Whats going on” the dignified middle-aged man sitting at the head of the table asked in a deep voice.

“Zhou Xingfa has blocked all our search parties.” the subordinate reported.

Zhou Xingfas backing was the governors mansion.

With them blocking their way, it would be difficult to break through them.

The middle-aged man squinted his eyes, and his expression was serious.

He touched the jade ring on his right thumb with his left hand.

Then, he ordered sternly, “Pass down the order.

No matter what, keep a close eye on Zhou Xingfa! ”

“yes, master!”

Since Zhou Xingfa was protecting that person, it meant that Zhou Xingfa was also interested in that persons resources.

Therefore, Zhou Xingfa would definitely keep in contact with that person.

Therefore, he could only watch Zhou Xingfa closely.

Sooner or later, he would be able to find that person.

As long as he could control that person and snatch the goods from him, his Gold Origin auction house would eventually surpass Guang juyuan auction house and become the largest auction house in the city.

The one who had the same thoughts as Chen Shanbiao was the largest medicine shop in Qingcheng, Zengji medicine shop.

However, the competition among the medicine shops in the city was fierce.

Now, Zengji medicine shop was showing signs of withdrawing from the top position because there were other medicine shops, especially the strong Li medicine shop, who clearly had the intention of replacing Zengji medicine shop.

Therefore, he knew that his shop needed this treasure.

The most valuable medicinal herb was only 500-year-old ginseng.

However, this 500-year-old ginseng was not only available in his medicine shop but also in other medicine shops.

Therefore, it needed a treasure that was more attractive to its own shop and could also suppress other shops.

The milkvetch flower that appeared at the guangju yuan auction house made their eyes light up as if they had seen hope.

However, they knew very well that they did not have the ability to buy this milkvetch flower.

It was not because they did not have the money but because they were not strong enough to compete for it.

Hence, the only way now was to find out the origin of this flower.

They had heard that manager Zhou of Guangju yuan had bought it directly from someone, not from an auction.

Therefore, they wanted to find the person who sold the milkvetch flower and see if there were any other precious medicinal herbs that could be used as their shops treasure.

In short, there were many people in the city of Qingcheng who were after the flower seller.

However, at the moment, they were all blocked by the Guangju yuan auction house.

Lin Yuelan and Lin Deshan didnt know much about this.

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