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Of course, these were clothes scraps.

They could be said to be useless.

However, while these waste materials might be useless to others…

Lin Yuelan frowned slightly and said, “Dont throw these things away yet.

They will be useful in the future.

The shop assistant was in a difficult position.

Apart from Li Huaisheng and Xiao Li, they didnt know that Lin yuelan was the owner of the Linyue pavilion.

They only knew that she was the master of design.

Therefore, they didnt know if they should listen to Lin Yuelans order.

At this moment, Li Huaisheng walked out.

When he saw the shop assistants awkward expression, he immediately went forward and asked, “Xiao Ye, miss in, whats wrong what happened” In front of outsiders, Li Huaisheng had always called Lin Yuelan Miss Lin.

Xiao Ye said awkwardly, “shopkeeper, miss lin said not to throw away these waste materials.

she said that they are useful.

Li Huaisheng immediately looked at Lin Yuelan in confusion.

‘whats the use of these things

Lin Yuelan said, “Keep these things for now.

I have my own uses for them.” After that, she left without further explanation.

The shop assistant, xiao ye, looked at Li Huaisheng and asked, “Manager, what do you think ”

Li Huaisheng said to him in a bad mood, “Just do it.”

Xiao Ye replied, “Yes, shopkeeper.

However, there are quite a lot of these things here.

If were going to leave them behind in the future, theyll take up a lot of space.”

Li Huaisheng squinted his eyes and said, “Then you can arrange a place to store them.

Xiao Ye immediately replied awkwardly, “Then… Alright.”

Lin Yuelan returned to the back door of Lins Medicine Hall.

Xiao Lin, who was waiting for her at the back door, saw her and immediately said excitedly, “Miss, where have you been Manager Zhang and his wife are already waiting in the hall of our shop.”

Lin Yuelan was surprised, “Are they so fast ”

Xiao Lin immediately said, “Boss, cant you see the sun Half a day has already passed.

You didnt see it, but after Shopkeeper Zhang knelt down, he didnt care about the blood flowing out of his knees.

He immediately carried his familys sick boy to our shop with his wife, and hes still waiting outside.”

You said that you would be back soon, but you were gone for most of the day.

They had no choice but to send someone to guard the back door.

Otherwise, Zhang Wuchang, his wife, and the others would think that Lins medicine hall had people who didnt keep their word.

Lin Yuelan gently rubbed her forehead and said, “Alright, lets go.”

Lin Yuelan and Xiao Lin immediately went to the shops main hall.

When the people from the outer hall saw Lin Yuelan, they immediately said excitedly, “Shes here.

The doctor is here.”

Zhang Wuchang and his wife were even more flustered.

They staggered as they ran over and pleaded, “Miss Lin, Ive done what youve said.

Please take a look at my son.

Please save my son! ” As he spoke, he bent his knees as if he was about to kneel.

Lin Yuelan immediately stopped them in a stern voice, ” dont kneel down yet.

let me check your sons condition first.”

As she spoke, she walked straight to a bed against the wall.

On the bed was a teenager about 15 or 16 years old.

At this moment, the young man was foaming at the mouth, his limbs twitching, his eyes looking up, urinary incontinence, and so on …

Lin Yuelan was a little shocked, “This … this is epilepsy ”

With some doubts, Lin Yuelan walked forward, took the thin hand of the young man, and began to take his pulse.

In fact, Lin Yuelan was using the green life to flow through the young mans veins to examine his body.

she wanted to analyze the cause of the attack and find the source so that she could prescribe the right medicine.

In the eyes of outsiders, Lin Yuelan was actually taking the teenagers pulse.

After a while, Lin yuelan took back her green life force.

The moment she let go of the young mans hand, Mrs.

Zhang immediately asked nervously, “Miss Lin, how is it can my sons illness be cured” She was too worried and nervous.

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